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Summarization of Medical Records Service Bringing Health IT’s Promises Closer to Reality

Medical Records

Gone are the times when insurance claim teams had to go through thousands of pages of medical data for each filed claim. As more and more businesses are evolving, medical records are too with the help of medical record summarization services. Medical record summarization is a process specifically designed for claim settlements and litigation services. 

Depending upon the end goal of the medical record summarization, the service providers organize the entire document. The tedious medical records are summarized into a document that is hyperlinked that helps litigation, claims, and healthcare service providers work at a much faster rate. The professional medical summarizers are experts in analyzing and creating summaries from the recorded data provided by healthcare professionals, doctors as well as pharmacists. The latest cloud-based technology can help firms to minimize the human workforce and reduce their expenses of resources. The trained service providers understand the significance of legal aspects in each case which helps the clients to get organized medical records for review.  

How Are Records Summarized? 

As experts in medical record summarization services, we understand that every bit of the data is not essential. For quick and efficient service, the records must be summarized as well. Here’s the process followed:- 

Step 1 – Indexing

The information about report types and report providers is arranged chronologically by date. This keeps updating as the new record adds in the forward direction.

Step 2 – Hyperlinking

It is the best approach to create hyperlinks for each page through the index itself. With a click, the customers are directed to the required information without wasting time in shuffling pages.

Step 3 – Analysis and Categorization 

The documents are well arranged based on the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, treatment, etc. Thus, keeping the information in small packets full of information.

Step 4 – Sorting

The records are sorted as per date from latest to oldest so that it becomes visually and accessibly easy for the customers.

Step 5 – Records Delivery

The records are transferred through secure portals from which you can get the data as and when required. The data is kept in Word as well as PDF format that is easy to access and understand for the users.

Benefits of Medical Record Summary

Keeping your documents organized can increase your efficiency, minimize stress and clutter around you. Similarly, summarization of medical records comes with a bunch of benefits, some of which are listed below.

Quick Litigation Process

Professional medical summarizers ensure that the data is well organized and is easy to understand and in turn, minimize the cost and requirement of employees in these firms. The process becomes smooth and efficient for both the clients and service providers.

Easily Available Data

The data is the collection of all important information without which a company will have to follow a long and tedious process every time someone files a claim. Therefore, for easy access to data and faster medical records review process these outsourced services are crucial.

Use of Technology

The advancement in technology is not unknown to anyone. There are multiple options available in the market that allows smart data storage without having to spend a lot of time and effort physically collecting and storing the data. It is a clever move to include user-friendly as well as nature-friendly services in your organization to reduce the hassle of plenty of papers.

Electronic Medical Record or simply EMR is the digital form of all the records starting from allergies, medical histories, diagnosed reports, lab test results, etc. Effective EMR management makes it possible for the patients to get their medical charts with just a few clicks. The software testing services of the CubeEdge model ensure that the software is fully functional without any glitches. The technical, as well as a physical shield, separates the ITCube services from others.

Instant Solutions

Customers like it when they get instant results related to their queries. This is possible by keeping the summary of the medical records in a well-ordered manner. Thus, taking a step towards patient care. Keeping the data personalized according to users’ needs and easy interpretation or validation of complex structures increases the productivity and efficiency of organizations.

As times change, more and more companies are investing in medical record summarization services. With the increasing need for summarization and other digitization of medical records, the world comes closer to bringing health IT closer to reality. 

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