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Top Tips for a Successful Tinder Profile

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A Successful Tinder Profile 

The dating app Tinder has been around for a good few years now and doesn’t seem to be dwindling in popularity. Quite the contrary, as its growing user base forces other dating sites like eHarmony to devise special promotions to attract users.
At the same time, over on Tinder thousands of people are still creating profiles on the app in the hope of finding love, or at the very least, a date. Yet to those new to the site, setting up a profile that attracts potential matches may be a little confusing.
There is always a fine line between revealing too much about yourself and keeping some things a mystery. Then there is the problem of photos, which should you use to ensure that you get a date? How serious should you be in your description about you? Below you will find some quick tips on how to make a successful tinder profile. 

Keep it Simple

Sure, your profile is a place to tell the world all about you, but that doesn’t mean you need to write an autobiography! Using simple language is likely to make you more memorable, so make sure that you just include the facts that will make you stand out. 

What You Want 

As well as writing about you, you should also be writing a little bit about what you are hoping for and looking for in a partner. You should aim for a ratio of 70% about you, and 30% of what you are looking for. Ask questions to get to know your date.

Include a Group Photo

If you use just photos of you, especially selfies, it is likely that you will not be coming across as the most down to earth person. By including a group shot or two, it makes it look like you enjoy having a good time with friends and can show a lot about your personality.

Be Humorous

This can help increase your likeably. You haven’t got a lot of room to show people that you can be fun, but if you can make someone laugh, then this is one of the most important elements in initiating and developing a relationship. 

Wear Red

Although not an obvious one, but research has suggested that men are more likely to swipe right on a woman if she is wearing a red outfit, or at least some red lipstick. This gives off a sense of boldness and power.


If you are a man, research has shown that women like to see elements of bravery, so try to upload a picture of you doing something courageous. 
Author: Karthik Reddy is a Travel blogger & Writer | Location Incapable Internet Enthusiast | Re-Designer of the World Around.

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