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Street Motorcycle Riding Gear {for Fall Riding} For Women

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When you’re on a motorcycle, the pavement doesn’t care if you’re driving or “just” a passenger. Should you hit the ground, you’re going to get hurt if you’re not wearing street motorcycle riding gear for women. Riding gear protects you from many of the hazards on the bike, but it’s not always as easy as shopping for jeans and a t-shirt. The sizing isn’t always the same as for fashion. Riding gear should fit differently on the body than most clothes. Here are some tips for finding riding gear that fits you.

What Size Are You?

Safety gear sizes are based on your true measurements, not vanity sizing that you would find at your dress shop. Just as with casual clothes, size charts can vary between manufacturers. Women might be one size on top and another on the bottom. To complicate matters, motorcycle gear should fit right when you’re riding. Just because the outfit looks good in the mirror doesn’t mean that it will work while you’re riding. You want a longer sleeve than normal, with a looser fit across your shoulders to give you more comfort on the bike. The pants-leg should be a little longer than you think it should cover your whole leg when you’re sitting. Gloves should be a little curved to fit better while you’re gripping the handlebars. Motorcycle gear should fit snugly to keep the armor in place if you fall.

Fit and Function Over Price

When you’re shopping motorcycle aftermarket parts online for riding gear, forget about the price at first. Look for what is going to fit you. Once you figure out the brands and styles that fit you and provide protection, you can get a better idea of how to shop more affordably. Many companies have different lines of riding gear that are sized the same way but priced differently. Fit should be one of your first considerations.

Before you start looking at the price, consider the features of the riding gear. A waterproof jacket with covered zippers will keep you dryer than a regular jacket. Jackets with removable liners work more effectively in different seasons. Look for pants that let you adjust the knee armor for your height instead of being standardized for all women. Functionality is more important than the price of the garment.

Protection should be the third aspect of your riding gear before you consider the price. If your riding gear doesn’t have armor for impact resistance, it should at least have pockets to let you add your own. Look at what the garment is made of. You want a material that is abrasion resistant, such as leather, instead of denim. Look at the construction of the garment to make sure it won’t come apart at impact.

Choose Fit Over Form

A cute summer jacket and lightweight boots might look stunning and fashionable, but when you’re riding your motorcycle, you want safety and protection first. By taking some time to shop, you will find the stylish gear that protects your body that is affordable.

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