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SendDelay: Stop SMS Text Messages & iMessages Before Sending On iPhone

senddelay delay sending text messages and imessages iphone ipad

Ever made a typo, or realized you’re sending the wrong message just after tapping ‘Send’? There’s a solution to that! As discussed after the jump, SendDelay for iOS allows you to stop or undo a text message or an iMessage before it is actually sent and delivered to your recipient.

senddelay delay sending text messages and imessages iphone ipad

It has happened with me one too many times. iOS does not have a built-in way to quickly stop an outgoing SMS text message or iMessage – except if you can somehow activate Airplane Mode within a second after tapping ‘Send’ – but that has changed with the release of SendDelay.

Developed by GSquared, SendDelay replaces the ‘Send’ button in the iOS Messages app with a red ‘Stop’ button after you send the message. This red ‘Stop’ stays there for a few seconds during which, of course, you have the option to stop sending the outgoing message. Tapping ‘Stop’ will remove the message from the outgoing queue, and put it back into draft mode for you to edit before sending it out again.

SendDelay comes with one useful customization option. Once you have installed it, go to Settings > SendDelay to change the exact ‘delay duration’. By default, it is 1.5 seconds, but it can go up to 5 seconds if you want.

That’s all it offers for now. SendDelay could use a shortcut – like tapping and holding Send – to send without delay, but I do not really see the point. I use similar functionality on my Gmail, and it always sends after 5 seconds in the background. I can move on to other tasks. Your receipient receiving your message a few seconds late won’t cause any issues.

SendDelay is available for the unbeatable price of free from Cydia under the BigBoss repo. This, of course, means you must jailbreak your iOS device using Pangu toolThere are a great number of working jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8, so if you are into customizing how iOS looks or works, you should definitely look into jailbreaking!

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