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Stop Photos From Going Into ‘Recently Deleted’ Album On iOS 8

recently added photos in ios 8

Apple added a Recently Deleted album in Photos for iOS 8. Photos you delete from other albums are moved there for permanently deleting after 30 days. For advanced users, there is now a way to permanently delete photos without them being shifted to Recently Deleted. Check it out after the jump.

recently deleted photos in ios 8

iOS 8 made some significant changes to the Photos app on iPhones and iPads. Besides a much more powerful photo editor, and iCloud synchronization, it included a new ‘Recently Deleted’ album. This album acts as the kind of Recycle Bin / Trash can for photos which you delete from other albums. Photos, instead of being deleted, are simply moved to Recently Deleted from where they are automatically permanently deleted after 30 days.

I can certainly see other less-than-tech-savvy people enjoying this feature. Maybe they have kids who accidentally delete photos. Maybe they accidentally double mis-tapped. I can see where Apple comes from here. However, for advanced users who do not have this problem, it should be easier to permanently delete photos.

There is no way to customize how Recently Deleted works. Power users would have certainly liked being able to permanently delete photos, or to decrease the default perma-deletion time period from 30 days to perhaps a week or less.

Power users who have jailbroken their iOS device do have a way, though. There’s a new tweak on Cydia by the name of NoRecentlyDeleted which, as the name suggests, gets rid of the Recently Deleted folder, and instead permanently deletes photos when you delete them from any other album.

NoRecentlyDeleted does not come with any customization option yet, but the developer is working on adding the option of simply hiding the Recently Deleted album so random folk cannot see it when they sneakily open your Photos app. Hiding the Recently Deleted album while keeping the auto-delete period to 30 days sounds like a good balance to me.

As of typing, NoRecentlyDeleted has been submitted to the BigBoss repo under Cydia. It should be available shortly. However, considering it takes a few hours for people to realize we have published something on CupertinoTimes, NoRecentlyDeleted will have been published by then. Simply search for it on Cydia, and you will be able to download and install it for free.

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