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Stop Location Services From Knowing Where You’re Going

Location Services

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to stop Location Services from knowing where you’re going. As you may well be aware that your iPhone has a feature which is called “Frequent Locations” and this also tracks your location in the background and then it also updates it through “Notification Center” and then your Lock screen shows the estimated time it will take you to go to your favorite place. This all depends on how often you visit certain places.

Location Services

So if you enable the “Location Services” option when you begin the first iPhone setup then the feature will automatically be enabled. This whole thing might seem to you to be an encroachment on your  ability to remain private or if you think it is irritating then you should look into disabling this feature. But how will you do so? Well follow our step by step tutorial on this and your iPhone will less irritating in this regard.

Step 1: Start the “Settings” application on your iPhone and then go to “Privacy”. Now go to “Location Services’ and then select “System Services”. Now select “Frequent Locations”.

Step 2: Now switch the switch to off for “Frequent Locations” and now your iPhone will no longer be logging your location.

Okay so if your iPhone has been tracking your movement for some time then you might see a log of location histories as well as a “Clear History” button. You can use this button to clear all of your location history from your “Frequent Locations”. However again if you don’t see it then perhaps your iPhone has not been able to track your location and movement long enough for it to keep a record.

Okay, it is always good to ensure that your privacy is not at risk and doing this is going to be a good privacy step for all of your iOS devices. This will help save your information from being stolen or hacked. Oh and we just want to say that the feature is overall pretty creepy since it seems like a very obsessive friend keeping tabs on you. And any way why would you want to know how to get to somewhere you’ve already been to many times?

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