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STOP by Fanatee


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One really obvious thing about playing a game, whether a virtual or physical game, is that you can’t really have fun unless you play it with other people, unless of course, it is specifically designed for one person. This is why mobile games have become such a big hit. They are specifically designed for people who are lonely and have no friends, like me. Just kidding, these games are designed specifically to make its user basically compete against the computer at logic and test their reasoning and reaction. But even though there are countless apps that do this, some better than others, we still are basically programmed to socialize and have a type of conversation or connection with other people whether by physical or digital means.


Stop by Fanatee is a very clear example of the competition and connection we have with other people. This dual player trivia and speed game is absolutely amazing and is very much fun. Similar in goal to Trivia Crack, one of the most downloaded games in the history of mobile games, Stop allows you to test your trivia skills against friends or complete strangers.

Object of the gameStop

The object of the game is to write a word that fits the category that starts with the selected letter. Each category, a total of 5 per game, is selected randomly before the letter is selected. You can change a subject for 2 coins to the next one on the list or have it randomly changed, also for 2 coins. You can also shuffle all the categories for 1 coin. The letter is selected through a random spin of a wheel. You can spin again for 2 coins and get another free spin if it lands on the same letter.

The player who plays first will determine the second player’s time to play. In order to stop the game, you pull down the lever that says STOP. The second player’s time will secretly end at the time that the first player stopped his/her game.

Coins are received through winning 3 out of 5 games (unless you tie). Each game you play will cost you a life. Lives are regenerated every 30 minutes. You can also buy coins and lives through your iTunes account’s method of payment.

This game is truly awesome and a lot of fun. Make sure to check out more apps from Fanatee on the App Store!

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