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Sticky Digital Crown? Here Is An Easy Fix

Sticky Digital Crown

There are some problems that have come forward following the release of the Apple Watch. Some are major while others are minor. Thankfully, having a sticky Digital Crown is a minor one. Users have reported that the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch has become sticky after only a few days of use. Apple says to resolve this issue you should rinse your Apple Watch with warm, lightly running, clean water (don’t worry this is what the official Apple Support page says).

The Crown becomes stiff after as less as 3 days of use and apparently it is an issue Apple was aware of. No, Apple did not push a product that failed quality control, this is something they couldn’t have done much about. The reason behind this is simple; dust and airborne particles tend to become lodged in any spaces in the Watch casing. And a favorite place of theirs is the region between the Crown and the body. This is actually quite a common problem with wrist watches and the solution is to wash the watch.

If you have an Apple Watch but don’t find the Digital Crown becoming stickier you just wait because it is inevitable. But when it happens don’t just thrust your Apple Watch under flowing water! Make sure your watch is turned off and ensure that you detach the straps (especially if leather). For the most part the rubber strap would be fine under the water but it isn’t advised with the rest of the selection. Try not to get the Watch completely drenched, just enough to ‘unstick’ the Crown. While washing the Watch keep rotating the Digital Crown to eliminate the problem. Lastly, dry the Watch gently with a soft (you don’t want scratches do you?) cloth and then turn the Watch back on.

Hopefully, your problem would be solved and the Digital Crown would be as good as new. If you are not comfortable about putting your Watch under running water you could try the nearest Apple Store but your repair might take up to one complete week. If you have the sticky Digital Crown problem we recommend you try this method and tell us about it in the comments!

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