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Starting A Pressure Washing Business: 8 Easy Tips

Pressure washing a car

Are you planning on starting a pressure washing business? Pressure washing is a profitable and lucrative niche given that numerous homes are increasingly aging and hence need power washing services.  It’s an enjoyable field, especially if power washing is your dream job. You can fulfill your dream while earning altogether. Building a successful Power Washing Company comes at a cost. You need to learn the relevant labor skills, develop a proper business plan, have enough funding, and strategize on your business marketing. Here are eight tips on starting and running a successful pressure washing or power washing business.

1. Learn The Relevant Skills On Pressure Washing

Before diving into the deep waters, you should learn the basics of pressure washing especially if you’ve never pressure washed before. Getting to know the relevant skills in pressure washing enables you to produce top-quality services. In addition, you will learn how to avoid damaging surrounding objects and plants while pressure washing. 

Several online platforms offer pressure washing courses. But needless to say, you will have to practice on your own. You can hire pressure washing equipment or borrow from a friend. You may offer to clean a neighbor’s driveway, lawnmower, deck, or home exterior for free and thereafter request a review from them. Until you get excellent reviews, keep on practicing and gaining relevant knowledge.

2. Set Up Your Pressure Washing Business

You will need to create a business plan first. A plan will enable you to highlight various strategies and observe all aspects that fall into a successful business. Your plan should incorporate your customers and their dwellings. You should also consider your value proposition ie what makes your business unique from competitors? Finally, you should plan for the kinds of pressure washing services you’ll offer for example whether you’ll major in the residential or industrial sector,  interior or exterior surface cleaning.

You should also get proper licensing, insurance, and any other necessary permits from your county clerks or a local licensing office. That should be done in accordance with your local, state, or federal laws. Other factors like business accounts and tax-paying should also be in your mind and plan. For instance, your local tax laws might specify the type of tax your business should abide by, whether sales taxes or self-employment taxes. 

3. Invest in a Pressure Washing Equipment

Initially, you can hire a pressure washer, but as your business picks up, aim to invest in a piece of new equipment of your own. Consider getting the best commercial pressure washer the one that is used for industrial cleaning jobsThis boosts trust and your authority in the power washing business. Owning a piece of equipment helps market your business by showcasing your commitment levels. Relevant types of equipment you can invest in are hauling trucks or vans, pumps, surface cleaners, nozzles, and chemicals.

Come up with a good pricing strategy

Researching for a good pricing strategy can take time but since you’ll be new in the pressure washing business, you can go with any pricing option to secure customers.

Some of the pricing methods by the power washing include hourly charges and pricing by square footage. While you’re paid per the working duration for hourly charges, you’re paid by the size of space worked for pricing per square footage. 

Create a Business Branding

You should have a professional-looking company name or logo. Make your pressure washing business stand out by creating a business branding. It’s also necessary while registering your start-up. These include company name, phone, emails, plus additional contacts. Websites are also excellent forms of branding for a pressure washing business and can keep track of past clients.

Market Your Business

There are many lucrative marketing strategies for your pressure washing business, from investing on a website, incorporating ads in local newspapers, business cards, joining trade associations and distributing flyers. However, as a small and upcoming pressure washing business, aim to please your customers with excellent services to get the best recommendations. Referrals are cheap yet excellent marketing tools for any pressure washing business. 

Plan for the Future

Like any serious business, aim for a more robust, long-term vision for your pressure washing business. How successfully do you want your business to be in the following five to ten years? What steps are you going to take to attain this level? This comes easy if you have the desire and capacity to grow your business.

Ease Your Business Processes

Another strategy for a successful pressure washing business is to be a step ahead of the competition. Make your business hard to forget by easing the booking process, automating the clients’ emailing, and offering various discounts and incentives. 

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