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STACK by Ketchapp


If you have not heard of Stack, I don’t know where you have been. It is one of the coolest and most addicting games ever made (not as addicting as Color Switch but still really cool). Made by Ketchapp, so it’s really not surprising that Stack is a good game.

StackStack is a single player game that combines the beauty and zen-like features of Monument Valley into a simple, attractive stacker. The object of the game is to stack the moving block to fit perfectly on top of the previous block. You have to be quick and precise with when and how you tap the screen to stop the moving block. The moving block will appear on alternating sides and move back and forth over the previous block. If you miss the previous block, the hanging piece will be cut off. The size of the remaining piece of the block will be replicated and the process starts all over again.

If you stack the blocks perfectly, a small ding will accompany an expanding halo. If you do this consecutively for 7 times, the block will slightly increase. If you repeat this streak, the block will continue to grow until you have reached the maximum size or you have broken the streak by missing the previous block. Also, as each block stacks on top of the previous block, not only does the movement become faster, but the background and the color of the moving block changes the higher that you make your tower.

StackEach game ends with the block being too small therefore you miss the previous block. At the end, the view expands outwards in order to show the colorful tower that you have created.

The main menu is pretty simple. It shows nothing but five buttons: One for removing ads, one to rate the app, one for turning the sound on or off, and one for statistics (basically to see if you are the best in the world or not). The last button, the most obvious one, is the start button.

If you haven’t already checked out this game, I highly encourage you to. Make sure to check out more apps by Ketchapp!

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