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Square Off – Play Chess With Your Invisible Friend

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Game of Chess

Chess is the one board game that has the power to build long-lasting memories and relationships. It does this across generations and cultures. The game has the power to create and revive human connections.

Square Off

The folks at Square Off have created something that is truly amazing.  While interacting with chess players they came to the realization that “for a lot of people chess is more than a mere game. It’s about memories and human connections.”

This is especially true for friends and families who are far away from each other. Square Off makes these connections in a new unique way through the game of Chess.

It is a mystical experience to play a game of chess with an old friend or family member who may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Square Off is a more real and rewarding experience than playing the game online. The reason is that Square Off is the world’s first telerobotic chess board. The pieces move all by themselves.

An Invitation

Chess lovers were invited to play on Square Off. Of course, they were surprised watching the chess pieces move on their own. A magical, ghastly and surreal experience all at the same time.

Square Off tells us, “an even bigger surprise was waiting for them. They had absolutely no clue as to who possibly must be making these moves. We did our research, we tried to find the fondest memories of these people of playing chess, and connected them back to that memory. Check out the video to watch a potpourri of emotions that flood the screen.”


The App

There is a Square Off app that connects via Bluetooth so you can play from the app or from the board. Once you create an account in the app, you can choose to play via AI or Play With Friends. You don’t even need to own a board to play. You can connect with other players remotely and enjoy a good game of chess on your iOS or Android device. This is especially great for homes where you are the only chess player. No more waiting for an opportunity to pick up a game.


The Square Off telerobotic board really ads a whole new dimension to the game of chess that you cannot get by playing online. There are two models of Square Off. The Kingdom ($329) and the Grand Kingdom ($399). If you are a chess lover you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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