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Spotlight Enhanced: ‘Smart Search’ Now Available For iOS 8

The Smart Search app enhancement for iPhone’s Spotlight search has received a new update and can now works on iOS 8 as well.


Spotlight is the search feature in iOS and Mac OS which can be used to search your entire device, just like the search feature in Windows. It can be used to look for applications, music, documents, emails etc. that are in your local storage. However, it’s a feature that is generally rarely used by iPhone owners, that is unless you consider using it with the Smart Search app.

Smart Search is a jailbreak tweak that was released for iOS 7 last year. It allows you to directly search for any keyword on the local storage as well as from the App store, iTunes Store, Wikipedia, Google, YouTube and more. The app had a great response for iOS 7 and just received an update, making it usable on iOS 8 as well.

There isn’t any configuration needed of any sort, once the app is installed you’ll notice a more revamped version of Smart Search available in the notification bar, with some app icons featured above it. These app icons are for selecting where you want your search results to be from for example if you select Google and then type in a keyword, you’ll get results related to that keyword from Google. Other apps supported by Smart Search are the App Store, iTunes Store, Spotify, IMDB, Wikipedia, YouTube and of course, your local storage.

According to the developers, they’ll keep making additions to this list. When you tap on a result, it will open it in the relevant app, otherwise if you don’t have the relevant on your iPhone it will simply open on Safari.


What’s more, in the app’s Settings section you can choose which apps you want to include in your search and move around the icons as well.

However, as we mentioned above the app is for jailbroken users only. If you don’t have a jailbroken device but are looking to do it, you can check out the TaiG tool for jailbreaking on Windows or the PP tool for Mac users.

If you’re device is already jailbroken, all you have to do is open the Cydia app and search for ‘Smart Search’. You’ll be able to find it easily. It’s available under the BigBoss repository for $2.49 and the latest version (1.2.2-1) will work for iOS 8.

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