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Possibilities of Spotify on Apple Watch

spotify on Apple Watch

Spotify is easily one of the best music streaming services available out there. Their iOS app has been around for a very long time now, ever since the early days of iOS. This has led many iOS users to put their faith in the service, some of whom swear by it now. With the release of the Apple Watch, the Spotify user-base is looking eagerly towards the possibility of an app on their Watch.

spotify on Apple Watch

First, let’s recap what the Apple Watch will let you do. It has no networking capabilities of its own, and can only be paired with an iPhone for GPS and network data. So streaming music onto the Watch itself is out of the question.

The Watch does come with an in-built microphone and speaker, but those are predominantly used for making cellular calls. It does not come with a 3.5mm jack to plug your headphones in, although Bluetooth headphones are a far-off possibility. So listening to music through the Watch isn’t something you should consider.

The best you can do right now with the Watch is to control music playback on your iPhone. This is especially helpful when you’re working out or busy on the commute. So a Spotify app – should one ever be made – would be expected to control music streaming through the Watch.

One thing to note is, Apple itself is reportedly working on a Spotify competitor. It is powered by Beats Music, and will be unveiled at its big developer event in June. That would probably also be the time when Apple unveils the next version of iOS. The beta version of the service will be revealed at WWDC.

In my opinion, Spotify on Apple Watch isn’t a far-fetched possibility. If Apple is bringing such a service to the Watch, then the developers at Spotify would need to keep pace. Besides, the app is only expected to control playback or display lyrics – nothing that the Watch can’t handle.

Do you use Spotify? What do you have to say about the possibility of Spotify on Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments section below!

P.S: Before you go, do check out this Spotify on Apple Watch concept I came across on the Spotify Community forum.

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