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Sports Shorts Brands To Check Out

Sports Shorts Brands, Sports Shorts, Under Armour, Lululemon, Vuori

Sports shorts are probably the most essential piece of workout apparel that any active guy must-have. You can go to a gym or even run without a shirt but if you try to do those things without wearing a pair of shorts you’ll probably be in trouble. Looking for a new pair of shorts? Here are some sports shorts brands to consider. For workout clothes check out ryderwear.

If you’re looking for sports shorts, you can ever go wrong with Nike. The famous brand has sports shorts in different kinds, from knee-length basketball shorts to five-inch shorts that are perfect for running. To be appropriate for your field of work, mens work shorts must provide more than just visual appeal. Speaking of 5-inch shorts, one of the newest from Nike is the Flex Stride 5-Inch Brief Running Shorts. This particular pair is unlined. That means it is ridiculous light and light. And if you’re worried that the lack of lining means lack of support in the groin area, then you have another thing coming. Though this is designed for running, you can also use these shorts for yoga or for lounging around the house.

Under Armour

Under Armour is known for its compression shirts and for being the brand of choice of Stephen Curry. But they also make shorts that will surely enhance your performance. The brand is known for what you may call as innovative features. Some of their products seem to be from the future. A good example is the Men’s Training 7-Inch Shorts. One of the best things about this pair is that they absorb sweat very well. So even when the weather is hot or if your workout is really tough, you’ll still remain dry. And if you feel that you need added support, just wear Under Armour compression briefs underneath.


Lululemon is known for its yoga pants for women. But they also make excellent apparel for men. And if you think your masculinity will be challenged when you wear Lululemon shorts, then you will definitely be missing a lot. They make some of the most comfortable sports shorts on the market today. A testament to that is the Pace Breaker 7” Short. This pair is made from premium fabrics and has tons of nifty features. It can wick out sweat effectively and has two hip pockets and a pocket in the liner for your smartphone. The liner is made from what Lululemon calls Out of Mind (OOM) fabric that provides support without squeezing or discomfort.

Sports Shorts Brands, Sports Shorts, Under Armour, Lululemon, Vuori


If you’re eco-conscious and are looking for brands that share your values, then you should check out Vuori Banks. Their Banks Shorts are made using recycled plastic bottles. This pair is very stylish too with a look that is inspired by California beach culture. You can wear these shorts for running or in the gym but they are also good enough for a day in the mall and, yes, on the beach. Talk about being versatile. These shorts are made with a quick-drying fabric that is also stretchable. Vuori may not be as popular as other brands on this list. But this pair of shorts may just place them on the sports map.

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