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Solution: iPhone 6 Camera Lens Flare Problem When Shooting In Sunlight

iphone 6 camera lens flare bright spots problem

If you regularly take photos in day-time, and specifically have had moments where you take photos directly pointing into the sun, then you may have noticed purple lens flares, or noticeable bright spots in your iPhone 6 camera photos. We discuss this issue briefly before giving you the surprisingly obvious solution.

iphone 6 camera

Haze, Bright Spots, Flares And More

iphone 6 camera lens flare bright spots problem

First, it is imperative that you understand the fact that smartphone cameras – compared to their dedicated point-and-shoot / DSLR competitors – are inherently weak. Smartphones are getting thinner and lighter and overall smaller (in volume) over time, leaving less and less space for more powerful optics / imaging setups. This is the reason why the iPhone 6 camera protrudes with a slight bulge, and the 41MP camera on the Lumia 1020 looks like an unsightly hemorrhoid.

Now, because of this physical limitation, these cameras are unable to deal with aberrations like lens flares. Pointing your iPhone 6 camera directly at the sun will result in imperfect images.

Solution To iPhone 6 Camera Lens Flare Issue

solution app to remove iphone 6 camera lens flare and bright spots

Is there a way to solve iPhone 6 camera lens flare problems? Sort of.

As I mentioned before, this is an inherent weakness with the hardware. Literally every single earlier iPhone has had this issue where it would show bright spots, hazy regions, or purple lens flares when taking photos in direct sunlight.

The simplest solution comes directly from Apple: change the position of the phone so that it doesn’t produce any aberrations caused by sunlight reflecting within the camera lens setup.

Until Apple improves the optics, iPhone 6 camera photos will have this problem. For the time being, pointing you camera away from direct light will likely solve it.

The other solution is to buy a photography app called ‘TouchRetouch’. It allows you to remove most iPhone 6 camera aberrations with a few taps. I have been using it on my iPhone 4S for several months now to remove all / any unpleasant bits in photos. It works great if you apply retouching over small areas! Consider lens aberrations are often small bright spots, TouchRetouch ought to work perfectly.

Download TouchRetouch [iTunes App Store Link]

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