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Solos – Elite Eyewear For Cyclists


Solos – Elite Eyewear For Cyclists

Kopin was ahead of the wearable curve when it debuted the Myvo Solo, a heads-up, transparent display that mirrored a connected iPod. That was in 2007; Google Glass, perhaps the best-known heads-up display, was released in 2013. But like Google Glass, the Myvu Solo didn’t gain much traction, a failure the Westborough, MA-based Kopin attributes to a lack of vision — the Myvu Solo had no killer application. That’s why the company’s newest pair of electronic eyewear, the Solos, was designed from the get-go with a very clear niche in mind: cycling.

The Solos are currently the world’s most technologically advanced smart eyewear. Solos are designed specifically for elite cyclists, trainers and coaches to maximize real-time data without compromising the human mechanics of riding. Solos combine the power of mobile devices and state-of-the-art lightweight smart glasses so that riders can tap their full potential.

“The Solos Team has worked directly with professional cyclists to ascertain the critical feedback for smart eyewear that would optimize their performance in a minimalist, functional and fashionable design,” commented Dr. Ernesto Martinez, Project Leader of Solos. “The key insights included, keeping it lightweight, streamlined, intuitive to operate and minimize eyes off the road. These design pillars are evident throughout Solos, giving riders exactly what they need and nothing that they don’t.”

The latest news is that Solos™ has partnered with USA cycling for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The partnership covers USAC’s developmental programs and the road and track USA Cycling Teams for the 2016 season. “The Solos Smart Glasses offer a cutting edge tool for the continued success of USA Cycling athletes when training, and will play an integral role in our developmental programs and the USA Cycling Team on the road and track,” said Jim Miller, USA Cycling Vice President of Athletics. “This technology is especially vital with our women’s Olympic pursuit team in their Rio preparations and would be perfect for any road training program.”

Some of the prominent features of the Solos are given below:

Sleek aerodynamic frames.

  • Low-profile silhouette for minimal wind resistance and ergonomic comfort.
  • Integrates with helmet designs for efficient airflow and optimal peripheral vision.
  • Robust, low-density military grade thermoplastic-polyamide nylon blend.

Vista pupil-scale display.

  • The world’s smallest optical module for high-resolution near-eye applications.
  • Pupil-scale optics match the biometrics of the eye for heightened visual clarity.
  • Virtual screen is 4 times larger than fixed displays and sharp even in bright sunlight.

Adjustable display arm.

  • Repositionable display arm for personal adjustment of viewing angles.
  • Glance-up, glance down or see past views complement the riding position.
  • Engineered from thermoplastic nylon for extreme durability.

Long life power cell.

  • Solos use a high-density lithium cell embedded in the frame.
  • Designed for 6 hours of run time.
  • Solos’ energy source was exclusively developed with a leading Japanese battery partner.

Interchangeable lenses.

  • Premium quality optical lenses for the ultimate in clarity, detail and protection.
  • Made from the high-impact, safety-rated Trivex® polymer.
  • Available in a range of options that match the demands of varied riding conditions.
Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.
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