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Social Proof: Your Key to Successful Marketing

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Social Proof

Our natural tendency to assume that others’ actions reflect correct behavior in a given situation is what psychologists and sociologists call “social proof. ” Imitating the behavior of others is a powerful phenomenon that has found its way into marketing strategies and taking businesses to the next level.

The tendency to follow the crowd is effectively used to boost marketing efforts. Generating and sharing social proof can multiply your brand’s influence.

People make purchasing decisions based on what others say all the time.

Think about it: whenever someone buys a product based on the reviews they’ve read or books a hotel based on the ratings – the social proof has influenced their purchasing decision.

It plays a massive role in the decision-making process. So, working social proof into your campaigns will encourage people to take action.

If you want to achieve stellar results and at the same time raise your brand awareness, here are 7 effective social proof strategies that will up your marketing game.

1. Testimonials enhance your brand’s credibility

We are all influenced by the opinions and choices of others. That’s why social proof is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

It provides your company with more credibility in the eyes of a consumer. Sometimes it is the tipping point that will convince your site visitors to choose your brand over your competitors.

And showcasing testimonials on the pages where they’ll be often seen is a great way to persuade shoppers who are unsure of whether to make a purchase.

2. Ratings and reviews are extremely powerful

Including ratings and reviews in your online platforms helps you develop trust in your brand, products, and services. This is especially important if your online sales are lower than expected.

Nowadays, people check reviews and ratings before making any meaningful online purchases. And since users trust other people more than ads and marketers, displaying the opinions of previous buyers is particularly significant.

New visitors are more likely to believe those reviews and ratings than your perfectly crafted landing page.

You can use your buyers’ experiences at every customer touchpoint, from the landing page to email.

3. Utilize digital tools to boost your conversions

More and more companies are opting for digital tools that showcase the number of people browsing their websites or the number of their sign-ups and purchases.

Why are they doing it?

It helps in building validation around your business and converts more visitors into leads.

The benefits of using a conversion rate optimization tool include increasing conversions, developing credibility, and making ad campaigns more cost-effective.

This tactic effectively influences buyer’s behavior, as they can see in real-time how many other people are currently browsing, signing up, or making a purchase. It helps establish a higher level of trust with new customers.

4. Promote badges, certifications, and other important industry recognitions

Sometimes the abundance of options to choose from paralyzes us. That’s where social proof comes in and assures a prospect they’ll have a positive experience with your brand.

So, don’t hesitate to mention your awards, stamps of approval from authoritative entities like Google or Facebook.

Badges and certifications from reputable third parties have the power to grab your audience’s attention and convince them to choose your company over others.

Displaying relevant logos or award graphics instantly establishes credibility with new customers. They are an indication of how experienced and knowledgeable your company is of the industry.

5. Influencer endorsements 

We are not just wired to imitate people around us; we are even more likely to mimic the behavior of people we respect. That’s why influencer endorsements are effective in improving marketing campaigns.

They influence our behavior the most.

And sometimes, it’s about trying to create the same kind of prestige celebrities possess or trying to replicate the traits we admire in our idols.

6. Showing the number of people who have taken an action

Websites often highlight how many customers have bought their products. You can utilize the same tactics when asking for a subscription.

If you have an extensive subscription list, include the number in your call to action besides mentioning all the benefits of joining this crowd.

The “Join X others” formula has increased Orbit Media’s subscriber conversion rate by a staggering 1400%!

That’s how much people like following the crowd.

7. Social connections and social shares

Numbers help in convincing people you are the right brand for them. One way to leverage this is to take advantage of website widgets and plugins to showcase your social connections. Your social media likes and follows counts make it more compelling to act alike.

Some plugins will display your recent posts and updates on the relevant social networks. Their purpose is to confirm that the community is both active and useful.

Social share plugin is another potentially useful tool. Your blog posts don’t need to have hundreds of shares to encourage others to do so. Sometimes even single-digit numbers can do the trick.

Of course, the bigger the sharing number, the more effective social proof is, so choose the numbers that show your popularity.

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