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Social Media Trends In 2021

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Nowadays the most popular areas of using the global Internet are creating blogs, forums, social media accounts, and other media. Against the background of the rapid development of multimedia technologies and their active application, if you want to make a social media website arises the question: what trends in social media are expected in the future?

What does one recent study say?

GlobalWebIndex annually conducts a survey through an online questionnaire, in which Internet users aged from 16 to 64 can participate. According to results, people have realized the perniciousness of being online for a long time, and there is a noticeable trend towards digital detoxification. This trend will continue for at least several years to come.

Globally, apart from China, Facebook and YouTube remain the dominant social platforms, but TikTok is rapidly catching up to them. Just like the other services, you can buy Tiktok followers. It’s a useful network for marketers to partner with influencers to create content with native ads.

The movement towards a change of priorities is vigorously discussed. Whereas a few years ago users believed that social media was necessary to keep in touch with friends, today the answer is “filling your free time with entertainment” and the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest news. It is believed that in the future this item will be in the first place for most Internet visitors.

Positive trends

SMM experts identify the following areas of social media in the future:

  • Continuation of gaining popularity with temporary content – information that self-destructs after a certain time. This is a story on Instagram and Snapchat, so 64% of marketing strategies have this area
  • Top social networks will not leave the first places
  • Instagram plans to completely remove likes so that they do not harm people’s mental health
  • Expanding commerce in social media
  • Video content will remain the most popular, it will take over 82% of all web content
  • Introduction of AR and VR technologies in the near future.

The issue of confidentiality and security is quite acute, which promises tighter control and verification of the authenticity of the information.

Negative trends

There is always a downside to the coin. Up to 90% of users have experienced the phantom situation syndrome at least once: for example, pain in the leg was perceived as the vibration of a smartphone.

Because of the provided comfort, a person picks up the phone much more often during the day. This is what social networks are aimed at, which will increasingly introduce second-rate content – memes, fake news, videos that do not carry any semantic load. According to forecasts, the situation will not change over the next 10 years, and the result is already a general loss and unconsciousness up to a decrease in the cultural level.

The so-called “social currency” is actively growing: likes, comments, and reposts are worth their weight in gold. Stars receive royalties in excess of a million dollars for these simple machinations. False values ​​will increase both materially and culturally.

Bots greatly simplify our life, perhaps soon they will replace live human communication, which will further tie users to networks. Already now it is possible to speak out to the “machine mind” and get advice, and in the future, researchers suggest, all things will be closely related to the Internet.

You can use the information to your advantage and identify competitors, or you can protect yourself and be conscious of the content you consume.

Author Bio: Ian Melnik is a content specialist at Merehead. He usually writes about development. One of his latest articles: Make a Social Media Website.

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