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Sneak Preview Of Third-Party iOS 8 Keyboard ‘Minuum’ With Single-Line Input

minuum third-party ios 8 keyboard

The next version of iOS is just around the corner, folks. The single greatest feature I am looking forward to are the third-party iOS 8 keyboards! Developers are working hard to ready their apps by the mid of September so they can enjoy the initial rush of downloads.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will be covering several different third-party keyboards for iOS 8. We start with Minuum.

minuum iphone logo third-party ios 8 keyboard

Developed by Whirlspace, Inc., Minuum has existed on Android for several years now. With a 4+ rating, and between 100,000-500,000 downloads on Google Play, it has a nice, cozy little segment of the market to itself.

Now they are looking to rapidly expand their userbase by launching their third-party keyboard for iOS 8. Several million people will be upgrading to iOS over the next month, so there is huge potential for Minuum if they market themselves correctly.

The Most Unique Third-Party Keyboard For iOS 8

Minuum has my interest piqued. It is unlike any other keyboard I have seen. It comes in two distinct modes for typing. There’s the traditional five-row QWERTY layout we are all used to, and then there’s a condensed single row, with buttons grouped with their neighbors vertically. So, QAZ, WSX, EDC, etc. are grouped together.

 minuum third-party ios 8 keyboard

The idea is that you use the former layout for sometime until you feel that Minuum has learned your typing style, then you permanently switch to the latter. Doing so saves a significant amount of screen space for reading messages, emails, or whatever is on screen.

It sounds odd, and it looks even odder to have your keyboard shrunk to a single row, but I am willing to give it a shot when iOS 8 comes around. I can genuinely see this being useful on older, smaller iPhones, and perhaps the iWatch if it supports key input. Minuum is, after all, specially designed to work well with smaller screens like Android Wear, Google Glass, etc.

See the following video to get an understanding of how Minuum works on Android.

Source: Minuum

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