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SnapStats Is A Well-Designed Free Device Stats Widget For iOS 8

snapstats network tab

Power users like to stay updated with system-level device stats information, and there is no better way to do it on iOS than through a Notification Center widget. SnapStats is the best free device stats widget for iOS 8 so far. Check it out after the jump.

snapstats network tab

The main purpose of the existence of widgets on smartphones is to provide information at a glance – glanceable information. Information for which you do not have to dig deep down into. This is why weather widgets, news widgets, data tracking widgets, etc.. In context of this blog post, we will be discussing a free device stats widget by the name of SnapStats.

Developed by Quynh Nguyen, SnapStats is a free Notification Center (Today View) device stats widget for iOS 8. It displays the most information out of every device stats widget I have used or seen or so far:

  • General Device
  • Jailbreak Checker
  • Network Information including how much data you have downloaded / uploaded over WiFi / cellular
  • Battery
  • Disk Storage
  • Memory (RAM)
  • CPU

I feel that the battery tab is a tad sparse, as SnapStats simply displays your current charge level which I can already see in my status bar. It would nice if it showed an estimate of the remaining time, and if the device is being charged, how much longer it will take to fully charge.

snapstats free device stats widget ios 8

I would also appreciate if in the Network tab, SnapStats showed how much data you have used in the current billing cycle so that you can remain vigilant; avoid exorbitant extra bandwidth usage costs.

Other than that, SnapStats is a great free device stats widget for iOS 8. It is worth repeating that this is absolutely free, without any in-app purchases, at least as of typing. The developer has made a genuinely nice device stats widget, so I expect SnapStats to get popular which may change the developer’s decision to keep it free.

That’s it! SnapStats is available for all devices running iOS 8. Download it for free from the link below.

Download SnapStats for iOS 8 [iTunes App Store Link]

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