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Snapchat’s First Piece Of Hardware, Spectacles


Snapchat Hardware

Snapchat was an arguably revolutionary app that came into the smartphone world only a few years ago. Even some of the most used apps in history, like Facebook and Instagram, have tried to copy (or borrow) ideas. However, you want to see it from Snapchat and incorporate them into their apps.


Well, Snapchat has officially announced their first piece of hardware, “Spectacles”. Snapchat is known for the ability to shoot images or very short videos and upload them to your Story where they only live for 24 hours after posted unless you add them to your Memories where they will live forever (or at least until you delete them). Snap Inc. states that they want to create a more real-life experience by doing this. Taking this into consideration, Spectacles are the social media company’s first piece of hardware. They are sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses. The renamed Snap Inc. announced these new sunglasses at Venice on Friday morning. 

Auto-upload 10-second videos

The Spectacles are capable of taking 10-second videos with a press of a button, which is located near the hinge, and automatically uploading them to Snapchat. They sport a new kind of circular camera that mimics human vision and gives the video a more natural look compared to smartphone cameras. They record in a wider, more accurate way that makes it look as if the viewer was actually looking at the what was recorded. 

Of course, Evan Spiegel, Snap Inc.’s CEO, doesn’t expect to make much money off of the glasses. Much like the Google Glass, high-tech glasses are still not very popular. If Spiegel isn’t careful, the same thing that happened to Glass could happen to Spectacles. When asked why the glasses were made, Spiegel stated, “Because it’s fun.” 

The Spectacles are set to be released later this fall and will retail for $130, which isn’t too bad compared to other glasses (like Ray-Ban and Oakley) that can’t record video. Maybe Snap Inc. will finally start the “smart glasses” revolution successfully.

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