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Messenger Camera

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After adding Snapchat stories to Instagram last year. Facebook has now taken another go at replicating Snapchat. Facebook has now added a Snapchat like Messenger camera.

Messenger Camera

The new feature is called Messenger Camera. Facebook Messenger now has a camera front and center that users may previously see on Snapchat. The new feature allows the users to exchange their photos with their friends. Users can draw doodles, add text, stickers, illustrated frames and animated effects to their pictures. According to Facebook, the company has started to roll out the feature to Android and iOS users. The feature will now be available globally.

According to Facebook Messenger Camera will “make it faster, simpler, and more fun to send photos and videos.” Facebook is also testing the in-app camera in Ireland.

Difference between Snapchat and Messenger Camera

One of the significant difference between the apps is that photos sent via the Messenger camera will not disappear after being sent.

On the other hand, there are a lot of similarities between the two apps as well. The Messenger Camera allow users to add text, doodles, stickers and emojis to photos. Users can also use animated masks. Animated masks are the Facebook equivalent of selfie lenses found on Snapchat. Facebook has also cloned Snapchat’s geo filters to make user-created illustrated frames.

A Work Of Art

The new feature also adds Facebook’s AI-powered style transfer to the app. This feature allows users to edit their photos to look like pieces of art. Moreover, nearly a week ago Snapchat added a new paint brush tool that allows you to do the same.

Once you get the update, you can find the Camera on the home screen of Messenger. The feature will not be available inside of the thread.

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