Smartphones And Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

During the holiday shopping season in the US millions of Americans trek to the stores in search of the perfect Christmas gift for the people in their lives. I normally wouldn’t give this a second thought. I suffer through holiday shopping just like everyone else.  But it is interesting to take an analytical look at holiday shopping in this modern era.  If you ever pondered the significance of smartphones in this process, we can assure you that they are playing a major role in our holiday shopping.

Although online shopping has increased over the years, there are still many of us who go to the brick and mortar businesses to make our holiday purchases.  However, this does not mean we are not using our smartphones in the shopping process.

According to Deloitte’s 2015 Holiday Survey, 78% of Americans will use their smart device during the holiday shopping season. This is up by 4% over last year.  Searching for a store’s physical location is clearly the most popular smartphone activity during the holiday season. 

Deloitte’s report also looks at the Digital Influence on holiday shopping and determined that those that shop the Omni-Channel (Mobile, Brick & Mortar, Internet combined) tend to spend more, an expected 34% more.  They also tend to be younger and have children.

Online shopping apparently has categories; Webrooming, Showrooming, and Buy Online-pickup at the store.  Deloitte breaks this down for us.


Look for items online then go to the store and see it in person and purchase.  69% of us use this approach. 


Go to the store to look for the item, then search for the best price online. 52% of us.

Buy Online-pickup at store

Buy online and have it delivered to the store, then pick it up yourself.  43% opt for this method.

(I don’t know why the numbers don’t equal 100%, but I’m sure there is a good reason).

The folks at Statista took a closer look at how we use our smartphones during the holidays and put the following chart together.

Happy Holidays!

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