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Every year I struggle with what to buy for my young girl for Christmas or her birthday.  I am somewhat burned out on the usual stuff in the typical “girl aisles” at the big box stores. I’m always looking for smart toys that will stimulate my daughter’s intellect rather than her vanity.  Apple is showing off their holiday spirit with a diverse offering of gifts for big kids as well as the little ones.  A series of emails from Apple brought me to several pages of great gifts for all ages.  This article will look at three of the products geared toward kids. These smart toys are all focused on learning while having fun. In case you missed the email you’ll find the links in this article so read on. 

The first link in the email is labeled “Shop Games and Toys” and it took me to a special gift section of the website. From here you are presented with a link to buy an iPad Air 2.  Scroll down the page and you will find fun gift ideas from 3rd parties for the young ones in your family.

smart toysFirst up is Ubtech’s Jimu Robot Meebot Kit

Build and program your own Meebot.  Use your iOS device to program and control your Meebot. There is an animal add-on kit for the Meetbot (sold separately on the Jimu website). It will allow you to transform your Meebot into a T-Rex, a Parrot, a Penguin or a Walrus. Then use your imagination to program its movements.  This is a STEM toy (Science Technology Engineering and Math). It will expose your young engineers to mechanical engineering, robotics, and programming.

smart toysNext is the Play-Doh TOUCH Shape to Life Studio

Create Play-Doh characters then bring them to life in the companion app.  The only limits appear to be one’s imagination. What I find cool about this toy is that once your characters are scanned into the app, they continue to live in the virtual world they create. Even after the real characters are smushed and put away in the can. The Apple website describes this clever toy as follows:

“Bring Play-Doh creations to life in a virtual world on your iPhone or iPad. Character stamper creations unlock unique personalities and worlds. Action stamper creations affect creations in surprising ways in the app. Keep scanning more Play-Doh creations to customize and enhance the world. Save the creations and worlds to play with them another day. Use 3D TOUCH to alter the shape of your creations. For ages 4 and up.”

smart toys

Osmo Commerce Game Kit for iPad

This kit includes three free games that help develop important skills for your child.  Math, fractions, money, social, drawing, and problem-solving.  The three games included with the Osmo game system are:

  1. Pizza Co.
  2. Masterpiece
  3. Newton

Ages 5-12

You can get free two-day delivery on just about everything. I find it hard to believe but they are offering even faster delivery options. Another option is Apple Store pickup within an hour or two.

Hard choices I know but you can always opt for an Apple Gift Card.

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