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I came across a couple of interesting products at CES that takes Smart lighting to a whole new level. One is connected to SmartHome technology the other is disconnected and focused on emergency lighting. The later is LuminAid which is a clever invention from two students that was born just after the Haiti earthquake. The other is iLumi which takes smart home lighting to a new level.


smart lightingLuminAid is a solar-powered LED light in a clear bag made out of TPU (thermopolyurethane) plastic that is inflated during use. The LuminAid is powered by a flat lithium-ion rechargeable battery which has one of the lowest self-discharge rates of all rechargeable batteries, like those used in cell phones and is charged by a small solar panel. It takes about 7 hours to charge. What you end up with a rechargeable waterproof lantern that illuminates the dark. The bag serves as a shade that defuses the light and makes the entire unit waterproof.

I immediately made the connection with camping and boating, but there has been a significant interest in this product from NGO’s providing disaster relief around the world.  As a previous resident of South Florida, which had seen its share of severe storms and power outages, I can see at least one or more of these in every Florida home.  Check out Luminaid.


smart lightingOn the connected side of lighting, iLumi has pushed the envelope on Smart Lighting.  iLumi is not a smart switch or a smart hub that allows you to control plugged-in devices from your smartphone.  Lumia is a Smart Lightbulb, with all the technology built into the LED bulb itself.  The iLumi blub is not only turned on or off from your smartphone, it can also change color to fit your mood as well as control the intensity of the light. It complements your mood.

iLumi is an advanced wireless lighting system in a light bulb. It’s as easy to install as screwing in a lightbulb. There are no boxes, bridges, routers needed. It really is as simple as it gets. There is a free app that allows you to adjust the color and brightness or explore built-in programs to experience lighting like never before. The iLumi bulb lasts up to 20 years and is 5x more energy efficient than a regular light bulb. 

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