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Smart Investments To Make Before 2020 Ends

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The year 2020 is the year when the world stopped. The pandemic currently haunting the world has limited economic activities leading to a worldwide economic crisis affecting millions of people. Because of this, Covid-19 is set to put most countries into recession and overall contract the global domestic product (GDP) by 5.2%, as stated in the June 2020 Global Economic Prospects report. However, that should not refrain people from investing in profitable ventures. Instead, it should motivate them. After all, allocating money for future benefits would greatly impose some kind of relief to the already deterring state of the global economy.

2020’s Best Investments

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of investments. For them, it is a gamble that only the affluent could risk. However, that is not the case. Anyone can embark on this venture as it does not necessarily require notable fiscal resources. This is because investing is the act of making a profitable purchase, no matter how big or small. Therefore, you can invest using whatever amount that is convenient for whatever purchase as long as it will yield potential gains.

On that note, below are the top smartest purchases you need to make before 2020 ends:

Health insurance

There is a notably rising demand for health insurance in 2020 like American Home Life Medicare due to the increasing costs of healthcare services. Hospitals need more funds to spend on additional safety measures, such as PPES, including masks and hazard suits. Also, some hospitals would have to expand their facilities because of the continuously growing number of patients seeking admission. Therefore, forcing them to apply additional charges for their services.

Due to the swelling demand, insurance for health services became a competitive market. Expensive clinical costs put pressure on companies offering health insurance to lower their price points. Despite such, they are also compelled to provide more coverage than usual.

Aside from that, you are more vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses in 2020, again due to Covid-19. Thus, it is wise to purchase health insurance now to have security against the possible financial burdens that come along with contracting the virus.

Also, after the pandemic, surely the demand will decrease alongside the cost. That is why it would be best to obtain this investment now. By doing so, you can have more benefits for a much affordable price.

Commodity business

According to the International Labor Organization, working hours significantly declined by 14% resulting in 400 million job losses worldwide. This recession forced many individuals into inactivity and missing out on income opportunities. As a result, many people are desperately looking for ways to survive until the job market recovers.

Instead of idling while waiting for the economy to restart, it would be best to seek out new business ventures. One practical idea is to start an online business that can cater to the essential needs of your immediate community.

For example, invest your money in buying stocks of personal disinfectants like alcohol, hand wipes, sanitizers, and soap. You can also buy face masks and shields in bulk. All of which you can sell to your neighbors who are looking for a more convenient way of obtaining these necessities. After all, relying on your business for their commodities will surely lessen their trips to the grocery store. Thus, reducing their risk of acquiring the virus.

Aside from personal protective equipment, you can also stock on local delicacies and hard to find novelty dishes. These will surely be a big hit since more people are interested in trying new things due to the monotonous day-to-day setting caused by the pandemic.

All of these ventures do not necessarily need large amounts of financial investment. A couple of hundred dollars will do for a start. Therefore, you can always start small to avoid huge losses and hopefully gain a lot more.


CoVid-19 is a respiratory disease that is transmitted through personal interactions. It is highly contagious in busy public areas like the metro, buses, schools, and offices. That is why nations around the world promoted social distancing and travel restrictions as preventive measures to the spread of the virus.

Due to this, travel routes and passenger capacities are limited. As a result, people have trouble getting from point A to point B. Therefore, it is only ideal to invest in a personal mode of transportation, which is a car. By doing so, you do not only have a convenient and safe way to travel, but it can also help you in delivering goods in case you are also involved in a commodity business.

College diploma

As mentioned, the number of people without jobs continues to increase. If you are among the many individuals affected by unemployment, now is the time to invest in something that will benefit your career. How? By pursuing other academic recognitions.

There are hundreds of degree programs available on the web. You can enroll in Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs, which are short courses that will help you earn valid certificates for employment in a few weeks or months. On the other hand, if you have more time and money, you can enroll on a full degree program to get a second degree or pursue graduate studies online.

But, if you want to get a college diploma through the most practical means, why not buy a degree from an accredited college? Yes, you can purchase a degree online. You can buy a college diploma from Through this website, you can get any kind of academic recognition from accredited partner universities that have brick-and-mortar campuses.

Aside from that, degrees from the company come with all the necessary supporting documents like transcripts and official school IDs that passed legalization and verification processes. All of which will strengthen the credibility of your college diploma. Thus, enhancing the benefits of being a degree holder like having higher salary grades and better employment opportunities.

Do remember that you should be wise when choosing a degree seller. Do not fall for websites that do not have legalization and verification processes and official collaboration with real universities. If you do, you will end up buying a fake degree from a real university, which will put your career at risk.

High-interest savings

Investing does not necessarily mean that you need to spend. You can also make a profitable investment by opening a savings account in online banks with high-interest rates. This is the safest and most fool-proof way to increase your money’s worth. These virtual financial institutions will give you 4% to 5% interest rates, which will significantly grow your money the longer you keep them in the system.

Online banking is a rising popular alternative to their traditional counterparts, especially now that there is a worldwide health crisis. With the help of online banking solutions, you can save and earn at the same time. Plus, most of these have accessible mobile applications that will help you keep track of your finances without having to leave the comfort of your home.

As you can see, investing is not that overwhelming. You can technically gain profit even with a small capital, or whichever means you have. Besides, it is the smartest thing to do now that economies have plunged into a sudden recession.

Reasons why you should invest now

People’s interest in making profitable purchases like investments have increased, at least in the last decade. In America alone, 88% of families with annual earnings of $100,000 have investments in the stock market. However, the stock market is not an ideal place to put one’s money now. Many businesses are closing down, and it will take some time for others to recuperate their losses.

Yet again, you can try investing in small but profitable ventures like the ones mentioned above. These markets will surely give you fast and sustainable returns. Meaning, even when the pandemic is over, you can generate future income if you wish to continue pushing your investment.

Aside from that, below are some more reasons why you should invest now:

Prices are low

Due to the pandemic, investment costs tend to lessen. This is because there are fewer people who are interested in business. People are more cautious when it comes to their purchases, given their limited resources. More people are most likely to keep their finances than to spend because of the uncertainties the pandemic will cause in the future.

And since people do not have an interest in investing, companies make sure that their products have a low market value. Affordability is a good marketing strategy that will surely attract consumers. Therefore, most investment ventures are cheaper now than they were before. Thus, in terms of cost-efficiency, 2020 is the best year to spend on investments. You will initially pay a lower price for something that will surely increase in value after the pandemic.

Take college degrees, for example. If you buy a college degree now, you can use it to gain future employment after the pandemic. Only degree holders yield more beneficial opportunities in the job market. Besides that, ordering a diploma online is much cheaper than actually enrolling in an online degree program. Therefore, acquiring a second degree or a higher value academic recognition today is an advantage for convenience.

The earlier, the better

The key to gaining profit in investments is to start today. The reason why so many investors are successful is that they did not wait to have enough money before beginning their pursuits. They made do with what they have at the moment. Thus, giving their investments enough time to earn interests. And the earlier you start, the more interest you gain.

For instance, if you open a savings account in a high-interest online bank today, whatever amount you put in your e-wallet will surely gain interest for the next few years. Meaning you can earn twice as much or more than what you initially put in. The phenomenon is called compound interest. However, if you wait any longer, you lessen your chances of earning more. Therefore, to truly enjoy the benefits of your investment, waiting for the right time is not an option.

Save yourself from regrets

Because many people wait for the right time to invest, they lose a myriad of opportunities. For example, there are individuals who know that there is a huge demand for convenient ways to obtain commodities. Therefore, they know that there is a market for a commodity business, but they are too scared to put out capital. Later on, one of their friends ventures in the same industry and earns thousands of dollars. What do they get? Nothing but regrets.

That said, you should always grab the opportunity once it is available. If not, you will experience sleepless nights thinking about what could have happened only if you grabbed the chance to invest. Hence, save yourself from such woes and invest your money now.

Aside from that, investing is always relevant, especially now that economies are troubled due to the limitations brought by the pandemic. It is a way of making money go around, thus contributing to the recovery of the economy in your simple ways.

Your best buy of the year

Given the circumstances and possible return on investment or ROI, your best purchase for 2020 should be a college diploma. This is especially true if you sadly lost your job because of work limitations imposed by the pandemic that is Covid-19. By purchasing a degree or college diploma online, you can improve your credentials. As a result, you will have instant valid academic recognition that utilizes your gained industry expertise through work experience.

When you order a diploma online, you essentially fast-track your way towards success. Yes, it may seem useless for now. But once the global workforce starts to recover, your expertise will be in demand because you are a degree holder. And what does that entail? You can easily find new employment opportunities that guarantee above-satisfactory employer-employee benefits, such as grand income incentives and better job responsibilities.


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