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Smart Home Technology

Smart Home

Smart Home Technology

Business Insider Intelligence says there are 1.9 billion Smart Home devices today, and there will be 9 billion by 2018. Obviously, the numbers indicate a fast-growing industry. They also report that Millennials are most excited about the prospect of living in a Smart Home. Security is a major influencer and motivator in generating interest in Smart Home devices but before a mass market adopts Smart Home Technology, prices will need to drop. Connected cameras, locks, sensors, light controllers, and thermostats to name a few are pricey. To outfit, a home with this technology is pretty expensive. The good news is as with most innovations, time will see the prices come down.

IControl Networks surveyed 1600 consumers this past Spring.1000 from the US and 600 from Canada.  This is the second such study they had completed on the subject. For the second year, 90% of consumers say that Security would be the primary reason for purchasing a SmartHome system.

Energy efficiency comes in second with 70% of consumers desiring the ability to monitor their energy usage and the potential cost savings. 47% are excited about energy efficiency and the potential benefit to the environment.

Age provides another differential where 78% of consumers aged 55+ indicate a higher level of interest in cost savings that can be realized with a Smart Home system.  In comparison consumers aged 25 – 34 are more interested in the ability to manage a work/life balance and making it easier to enjoy in-home entertainment and anticipating needs like shopping lists and repairs.

It is projected that 50% of the North American population will likely buy at least one Smart Home device, like a connected camera, thermostat, lighting controller or door locks.

Seniors, as well as the disabled, would benefit greatly from the many advantages a Smart Home offers.  They would likely live more secure, easier and happier lives in a Smart Home where family members can keep an eye on their aging parents. Nearly 50% of consumers say they would rest easier if their parents lived in a Smart Home.

This technology gives us a lot to be excited about. IControl compiled the data from their last survey in a very informative report.  You can get a copy here [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Through Apple’s Home Kit developers have a framework for controlling and communicating with various smart home controllers.  The latest advancements in Home Kit include support of new accessory types and easy ways to setup and manage accessories remotely.  You can set up predefined scenes for common events like Getting Up, Leaving Home, Returning Home, and Go To Bed.  Through an Apple TV, you can issue voice commands to Siri remotely via your iPhone or Apple Watch and control various Smart Home controllers. We published an article on Home Kit for iOS 9 back in June that goes into this in more detail, so check it out.

I think I am personally ready to test the waters with this technology so I will likely invest in a security camera and light controllers sometime in the coming year. The future really is now.

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