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Emglare Smart Clothes Monitor Heart Rate and ECG

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Emglare Smart Clothes

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Fitbit have been monitoring heart rate for some time. Now thanks to Emglare you can leave your watch at home and just put on their smart shirt. Emglare has released a new line of smart clothes that can monitor both your heart rate and ECG throughout the day.  The company’s mission statement states that its mission is to help people discover their heart problems and draw attention to them.

Smart ClothesCompanion App

There is a companion app so these vitals can be monitored throughout the day from your iOS or Android smartphone.  The app also will alert you automatically if your heart rate exceeds normal BPM (beats per minute).  You can also set up the app to notify others like your healthcare provider or family and friends.  The app will provide the user with daily and weekly health heart rate statistics.  It will also provide daily ECG history.

These are basically undergarments that are stylish and comfortable. For the men, there are tank tops and T-Shirts. For women, there is a sports bra and a regular bra. The sensors are sewn into the fabric and they support wireless charging.

CEO and founder of Emglare, Jiří Pastor said, “Our goal is to create the best smart clothes in the world that are not only super smart but mainly comfortable and suitable for everyday wearing,” “Our products are developed by a group of specialists from different disciplines – healthcare, informatics, and the fashion industry.”

Pre Order Your Smart Shirt

You will be able to pre-order these smart clothes on Kick Starter soon from Englare’s website. Likewise, the app will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you click the downed link on the company’s website it will bring up a dialog where you can enter your email address. Emclare will notify you as soon as the app becomes available.

We should all be pro-active when it comes to our health. This is one line of products that will help you do just that and they are worth considering.


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