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Sleep Analysis: Review Sleep ++ 2.0

Sleep Analysis

Sleep ++ 2.0 is one of the best apps available for sleep analysis on your iPhone. People using it have now developed a habit of opening the app before they go to bed every night. The quality and time duration of sleep is measured by the data collected by sensors in WatchOS2 application. The analysis can be reviewed on your iPhone app and can be synced with the health database. The updated version of the app Sleep ++ 2.0 is now available for free in the App store. The updated version has new features like better integration with Health database, time zone support, a better night detail view and night trimming. There is also a major improvement in the sleep analysis engine. We will be discussing all these improvements below. The application now has an enhanced sleep analysis algorithm which has a better characterization of sleep-type. This makes it easier for you to comprehend your sleep.

In the latest version of Sleep ++ 2.0 different types of sleep such as deep sleep, light sleep, restlessness and wakefulness are also detected.

The app provides Health kit integration, like its previous version so that you can analyze your sleep better. On the other hand, unlike the previous version all the data is now sent to the Health app rather than just the basic data.

In Sleep++, you need to tap a button when you go to sleep and do the same when you wake up in the morning. Certain users often forget to tap the button after waking up. This causes flawed data and since there is no solution to this problem, users have to delete the data for the whole night. However, as an improvement in Sleep++ 2.0 the night trimmer has been added through which you can trim those parts of the day when you forgot to tap the button after waking up. The night trimmer is available in the detailed night view. Another improvement in Sleep++ 2.0 is the addition of time zone, which gives travelers and tourists a constant analysis of their sleep.

The app is available for free on iOS 9.0. You will also be required to have an Apple Watch.

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