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True Skate Is A Fun Free Skating Game For iPhone & iPad

true skate free skating game iphone ipad ios

Here at CupertinoTimes, we tend to cover free games / apps first as they are simply easier for our readers to consume, and for us to test before blogging about them. In order to take a break from covering tips, tricks, jailbreak tweaks and general-purpose apps, today we will be discussing a game for iOS. Developed by True Axis, True Skate is an interesting skating game for iPhone and iPad, that is currently free for a limited time.

true skate free skating game for iphone ipad ios tutorial

Skating games used to be all the rage back in the 1990s and early to mid-2000s. The genre was totally dominated by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series of games which I fondly remember playing for hours, and hours on end pulling off the most insane string of sick combos. After the Pro Skater series lost its luster, EA’s Skate series attempted to take over by going for more realistic physics but that too didn’t end well as the last game – Skate 3 – wasn’t too well received by critics and consumers alike.

Skating Games: Ripe for Innovation

Modern mobile devices provide a new gaming platform ripe for innovative skating games, and True Skate has delivered. It uses excellent use of the touchscreen, and offers a fun challenge for those who are willing to understand the game’s physics.

true skate free skating game for iphone ipad ios ollie

Here’s how it works: you act as a disembodied skater. His legs are replaced by your fingertips, essentially. You swipe down to the left or right of the board to push yourself head, swipe down before the skateboard to jump, swipe over the skateboard to steer, and have free control over the skateboard while catching air.

All sorts of popular tricks are possible, from a simple ollie, to flips, slides and grinds. As long as your fingers are fast enough, you can pull it off just like in real life.

The initial game download with one skateboard and one arena is free. You need to pay with in-app purchases to get more skateboards, skateparks, and unlimited slow motion mode.

I played around True Skate on my iPad mini with Retina Display. I was initially frustrated by the finicky controls, but a few minutes later I was able to do basic tricks.

true skate free skating game for iphone ipad ios

True Skate is currently free for iPhone and iPad. According to the App Store description, this is only for a limited time so act fast!

Download True Skate for iPhone and iPad [iTunes App Store Link]

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