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Six Must-Have Features in Construction Project Management Software

Construction Project Management Software

To understand what tools should be included in a quality construction project management software package, a person must first understand what the software is. To put it simply, this software is used to streamline every aspect of a construction project, including planning, scheduling, construction, and more.

The purpose behind the software is to enhance productivity and simplify the process while adhering to a strict timeline and budget. With that in mind, here is a look at the must-have features that the software should contain.

1. Gantt Charts

These are a must for any construction project management software because they provide a visual timeline of the project. Not only do these charts provide users with a visual timeline, but they are also easy to edit.

This means that making any changes to a schedule can be done quickly without creating all sorts of problems. When looking at what Gantt charts offer, look for task dependencies as it allows for the connection of various tasks throughout the project.

2. Task Lists

The best project management software provides users with the ability to view the project in multiple ways. This is a must-have feature because it gives the manager the flexibility to view the project from a specific viewpoint allowing for improved management.

Task lists are a great way to organize things from a to-do list to a project team. They can also aid in helping track time spent on the project by various contractors and subcontractors.

3. Resource Management

These features are a must because they allow project managers to keep track of various aspects of the process. They are a useful tool in ensuring that things stay within budget as managers can track a specific team’s availability, including when they cross over into overtime or holiday hours.

Resource management also allows managers to track equipment used and other important costs, including any overages.

4. Dashboards

Project managers need to stay on top of every aspect of the project. The best way to keep track of every aspect of any project is to monitor every phase through various dashboards.

Utilizing dashboards in project management programs provides managers with all sorts of data; plus, they display it in a useful way through graphs and charts. These dashboards allow managers to quickly see if things are on track.

5. Reports

When it comes to a construction project, the shareholders or investors want to be kept informed along the way. They want to know if things are going according to plan, why things might have cost more than estimated, and more.

The more data a project manager has available to them, the better they can make any kind of decision, such as allowing laborers to work overtime to get the job done or how to cut expenses. The best project management software contains a variety of reports that managers will find extremely useful.

6. Cloud-Based

Whether a project management software is a desktop or an online version, it must be cloud-based. A cloud-based program allows multiple users to access the data stored and upload any documents or information necessary to the project. The cloud-based ability also gives the project manager easy access from the office, home, or job site.

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