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Six Helpful Tips for Moving House with Dogs

Moving with Dogs

Moving to a new house is always an exciting time. But it can be stressful if you have a pet dog, especially if you are moving with them for the first time. After all, dogs are very much prone to anxiety, and major changes can cause them much stress and discomfort.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to make the process easier and help your furry friends adjust more quickly! In this article, we will share some helpful tips for moving house with pets.

What Do I Do When I’m About To Move House With A Pet?

Here is a list of things you can do to make sure that you inflict as little stress on your canine friend as possible:

Make A Comprehensive Plan For Your Move

One thing you will want to do is make a comprehensive plan for your move, including essential details such as the actual moving day and time. This way, you can prepare your dog in advance of any unforeseen changes that may come up, which will help to reduce their stress levels.

Here are some more Things You Should Do Before Moving Houses

Moreover, coming up with a comprehensive moving plan helps you ensure that all of your dog’s needs are met and that they are happy throughout the moving process.

During this time, it would also be best for you to research your new location to find out about the laws and regulations of where you are moving. This is very important as it will help ensure that your dog’s routine doesn’t change too much, which would cause them even more stress than they already have!

Ensure That Their Routine Is Well-Maintained Leading Up To The Move

Dogs are routinary creatures, and a change in their routine can be very unsettling for them. As such, you must keep your dog’s regular schedule as much as possible leading up to the move, so they don’t have any surprises or changes during these times when their stress levels are already high!

For instance, it would be good to keep their feeding schedule and daily walks consistently so that they don’t become too confused or upset when the big day comes. Maintaining a routine in place will also help your dog get back into its old ways after finally moving into your new home!

Hire A Professional Removals Company To Help You Out With Your Move

If you are moving house with your pet, the last thing you want to do is try and manage everything yourself because there will be many things to take care of. That’s why it would be best if you hire professional removals companies to help you out.

Removal companies, after all, can provide you with all-inclusive moving services, which means they will handle all the tasks related to your move. This includes packing your belongings, moving them into the truck, and offloading everything once you have reached your new house.

In addition to all of these things, a removals company will also be able to handle other moving tasks such as unpacking your belongings, the unpacking and reassembly of your belongings, etc.

The best part? You don’t even have to worry about spending too much money on these services because many removal companies offer fair and even cheap moving house quotes, which means you will be able to save at least some money!

When hiring a removals company for your big move, remember to:

  • Get in touch with a few removal companies before hiring one. This will ensure you have a good idea of the costs involved and which companies can offer you fair prices for their services.
  • Ask about what will be included in your moving quote, so there are no nasty surprises when it comes time to pay! If possible, go with a company that offers all-inclusive packages as this means they will handle everything from start to finish.
  • Check out reviews and other customer feedback about the removal company you are considering hiring. Doing this will ensure that you avoid hiring a company with a bad reputation and horrible customer experiences.

Prepare Your Dog For Traveling

The last thing you want to do is shock your dog with a new experience in a moving car. As such, it would be best to prepare them for the trip beforehand by taking them on short trips so that they’ll be used to the feeling of being in one. Doing this will make traveling much easier and less stressful for them!

It would also be a good idea for you to purchase a high-quality harness and leash so that they can remain close by while traveling. This will help keep your pet safe during the trip and ensure they don’t try anything risky when all of these strange new things surround them!

If you are planning on putting them in a carrier and they are not quite used to sitting in one just yet, then you might want to consider crate training as well! All you’ll have to do is to put the carrier in a room where they are familiar with and leave them there for an hour or so every day. This should help ease your dog into being prepared to be left inside of it when traveling!

Ensure They Are Taken Care Of On Moving Day

One of the most essential parts to consider when moving house with pets is making sure they are taken care of on moving day. After all, you might be too busy packing your belongings or dealing with other tasks related to the move that you won’t have time for anything else!

This means it would be a good idea for you to arrange pet care for your pet on the day of the move. Whether this means asking a friend to look after them or hiring someone to do it, remember that you won’t have time otherwise! If possible, try and stick with people who are experienced at looking after pets to provide quality care. This will ensure your beloved dog gets everything they need.

Another option would be leaving them in the care of someone they trust. Of course, this might not be possible in every situation. If you have no choice but to have them with you on moving day, then make sure they are comfortable being left alone in a room where they can stay relaxed and safe for a few hours.

You will also want to make sure that your dog is comfortable during the journey to your new place. So, make sure they have ample space to lie down, sit up, and stretch their legs in the car. Moreover, you will want to make sure their stomachs are not too full so that they do not get sick or feel uncomfortable while traveling.

Lastly, if you think your dog will be too anxious during the trip to your new place, talk to your vet about giving them some form of anxiety aid, whether it be in the form of medication, a sedative, a toy, or a calming collar.

Give Them The Opportunity To Safely Adjust At Their Own Pace

Last but not least, you must allow your pup to adjust at their own pace safely. This will allow them to slowly get used to moving into a new place rather than all at once, which can be overwhelming for any pet! Let them acclimate at their own pace and not show signs of stress or frustration if they are not ready to explore their new home.

They may want things to remain the same for them and resist any environmental change, which is entirely normal! Just make sure that you give your dog plenty of time before starting anything like taking walks or going on trips outside using a leash because this could cause even more anxiety.

You will also want to make sure that all possible exit points in your new house are properly secured to prevent them from possibly running away or getting into any dangerous situations. Moreover, it is crucial that their collar and microchip details are updated to your new address so that if they are ever lost or found, it is easier for them to return home.

Ready To Move Home With Your Canine Friend?

With these tips in mind, moving house with a man’s best friend should be a much smoother process! All you need to do is a plan and make sure your dog gets everything they need. This way, the transition will be as smooth as possible for both of you!

Meanwhile, if you are planning a longer-distance move with your family, here are some more tips you will want to remember!

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