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Simple Tips To Help You Grow Your SEO Company

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The term search engine optimization has become a familiar one in business today. It is almost impossible for a business owner, especially those who are wanting to grow their visibility, to not have heard the term used in conjunction with expanding your customer database or increasing sales. When it first became a part of website jargon, those that had situated themselves to provide an SEO service were extremely popular. It was easy to get business because there weren’t as many competitors in your space. Now there is the situation that what was once ‘blue oceans’, filled with a steady stream of customers knocking on your door, is now ‘red oceans’, filled with competitors fighting for a piece of the pie. It’s difficult to stand out above other companies when you’re all essentially offering the same service. Here are some ways to keep your SEO company growing.

Be Familiar

If you are an SEO company in Australia, you will want to build a list of credible clients which will be recognised by most people in the country. Use your past and current clients to build a showcase on your portfolio page. It is much more assuring to choose an SEO provider that works with companies you recognize than with companies you’ve never heard of and that you can’t relate to. If you’re targeting a particular sector or size of the company, be sure to have examples of working with similar companies in order to attract others.

Stay Relevant

Search engine optimization is constantly reshaping and changing, and the success of an SEO company is based on the ability to keep up to date. The requirements created and imposed by the search engines, especially Google, are not the same as when it first became an internet necessity. In fact, if you compare the methods and algorithms used to build SEO ratings 10, 5 or even 2 years ago, they have morphed considerably. Google provides training on what is required to rank well in their search results. Also, look for MOOCs (massive open online courses) for some structured courses or YouTube videos that can help you to know what is trending.

Be Open

What can often be attractive to a client is if you are willing to share free information to your customers. Have blogs and articles that provide quick and easy tips to those coming to your website or other information channels. This is, after all, a great way to keep your own Google rankings up. If people like what you have to say, they may come back to learn more. Or better yet, get them to sign up to newsletters, or blogs. You can also have click-throughs to register as a client or have a bot that can answer simple queries and capture their information. And perhaps one day they may feel that it would be better to have you manage their SEO because they have applied your tips and advice and trust what you have to say.

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