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Should You Take Classical Singing Lessons?

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If you love singing, you probably have joined some music groups or clubs and even go to karaoke to show other people your singing skills. 

Or perhaps you want to learn how to sing but are afraid to do so because of what other people would think about your voice.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, especially with your voice. According to Robert Emery, there is no such thing as a terrible voice when singing. 

It all comes down to proper guidance to control your voice.

Many people would want to take voice lessons from professionals, but they forget that taking classical singing lessons is far more efficient. 

Thanks to its benefits, even if you are not aiming to become a classical singer, you’ll surely enjoy them.

So why should you take classical singing lessons? Here are the top advantages:

Better Breath Support And Technique

If you are taking singing seriously, proper breath support and technique is critical. You want to make sure you can hold that note for some time, especially for higher notes.

Some people are skillful about it, even though they didn’t have proper training. However, when you attend classical voice lessons, this is one of the fundamentals they would teach.

Keep in mind that improper breath support could damage your vocal cord. 

Not only will you prevent yourself from holding the right note, but you are putting yourself at risk as it could have a serious injury.

Proper breath support and technique can help you control your breathing. This means you can increase your endurance.

More Vocal Flexibility

One of the best things about learning classical singing style is that it can make you more flexible. You will learn techniques that you can apply when singing other genres.

When you are a classical singer, that does not stop you from singing other songs. A perfect example is Grace Spelman. 

She was featured in an article on Buzzfeed and three other classical musicians. They formed a rock band, and she successfully sang the songs.

This means you can explore other genres that would fit you. Also, if you are into pop or other genres, you can study classical music and sing other genres with excellence.

Broader Vocal Range

Is there a note you cannot reach because it is too high? Without proper training, it would be very difficult to achieve. 

And it could even damage your vocal cord as you are unaware of what to do.

On the other hand, you can get warm-up exercises with classical vocal training. By warming up, you can increase your vocal range gradually. 

Your trainer will guide you along the way, ensuring that certain notes are achieved during your practice. 

Not only will it help them from trying more difficult or complex songs, but it will also reach their full potential. 

They would easily adjust to the song’s key and can even sing their hearts out without worrying about getting their vocal cord injured.

Knowledge Of Classical Music

Whether you like history or not, understanding the roots of music is essential. You’ll understand how it evolved into what it is now and how different genres exist.

When you practice classical songs, you will need to listen to the original version. Most of them may not even be in English, so you would need to learn how the words are pronounced. 

Also, the way they performed it could give you an idea of which direction you should go in your singing career.

When you haven’t decided on what type of classical song you would like to focus on, singing and practicing a few of them will help you. Not only are you learning the song, but you are also preserving the culture.

According to Bloomberg, even Apple plans to support classical music for their streaming platforms. This will give classical music lovers another way to enjoy the music.

Better Overall Musicianship

Singing isn’t just about getting the right tone, especially when singing in public. You also have to consider choreography, as it affects your stage presence. 

Plus, the stage setup is also critical.

With proper training, you’d understand that it isn’t just about the voice but the overall performance.

Certain songs change their tempo. It could be challenging for beginners as you could run out of breath as it switches speed from time to time. 

You’d be able to adjust your speed and tone accordingly, giving you better showmanship.

You’ll be pushing yourself to your limit yet, improving and exceeding your expectations.

Is It Worth It?

Yes! It is definitely worth your time. With all the advantages it can give you, you’ll surely improve yourself as a singer. 

You can even become a professional one in time.

It may not be a smooth path, but with proper training, you’ll bring out the true potential of your voice.

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