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Should You Get a Bachelors in Tourism?

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Do you enjoy working with people from all walks of life? Are you deeply fascinated by traveling and seeing the world from other people’s points of view? Or do you love learning more about other people’s cultures? If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, a bachelor’s in tourism could be the perfect choice for you. Nevertheless, before you enroll in a tourism course in Singapore, let’s look at some of the vital things you should know.

What Is a Bachelor of Science in Tourism?

With the ever-growing state of tourism in Singapore, considering part-time courses in Singapore can result in a very promising career in the years to come. A Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BS Tourism) is a 4-year multidisciplinary degree that mainly concentrates on various cultural aspects such as history, language, and travel. It trains you to become a reliable manager, entrepreneur, personnel, and qualified leader in the world of tourism. You could also get a marketing degree in Singapore or study Accountancy or Economics as a path to a tourism career.

Subjects Covered in BS Tourism

A BS Tourism course mainly deals with subjects of tourism laws, management, planning and development, basic accounting, and finance, among other facets of tourism that include:

  • Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
  • Multicultural Diversity in Workplace for the Tourism Professional
  • Macro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Professional Development and Applied Ethics
  • Risk Management as Applied to Security, Safety, and Sanitation
  • Quality Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Culture and Tourism Geography
  • Micro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality

Requisite Skills for Success in Tourism

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For you to succeed in the Tourism industry, you will need good interpersonal and people skills. Strong English proficiency and good organization skills can prove to be significantly essential in this course. In addition to the skills mentioned earlier, you will also require:

  • A better understanding of human relationships
  • Research and planning
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure
  • Wide knowledge of numerous community resources

Job Opportunities for Tourism Graduates

With the several government initiatives introduced to promote tourism in Singapore, the country attracts numerous visitors annually. This has resulted in a rampant increase in employment opportunities in the country’s tourism industry. Promising jobs in the tourism industry include:

  • Conference and Event Manager
  • Tourism Officer
  • Event Planner
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Department of Tourism staff
  • Travel account manager

As a tourism major, there is no shortage of industries you can work in, especially since you are not limited to the tour and travel sectors. The following are some of the reputable sectors that recruit tourism graduates in Singapore:

  • Airlines
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotels
  • Tourism Department

Take a Tourism Course in Singapore

Are you keen on leveling up your career in hospitality and tourism management? Then, you should enroll at the PSB Academy in Singapore. With our wide range of hospitality courses, such as an MBA Singapore and master of business administration Singapore, we can set you on the path to a promising career in tourism. We guarantee you to develop in-depth skills like training skills, hospitality business development, and hospitality supervision.

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