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Should You Buy A Gimbal For Your Sony A6300 Camera?

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Since the release of the original Sony a6000 that propelled the Sony Alpha mirrorless camera range into the spotlight more and more cameras have been added to the collection that just keeps on getting better and better. Although the Sony a6300 has been available on the market for some time now, it has definitely proven itself to be a hit with the community and has managed to grow an excellent reputation for itself that just keeps on growing with each passing month.

As you would expect from any modern mirrorless camera with a customer base as big as the a6300, we are always seeing photographers and videographers reaching out for advice on various camera accessories for their camera. For today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at one question that we are seeing more and more people ask about and that is “Should you invest in a gimbal for your Sony a6300”?

Now, the real answer to this question is going to depend on you, your personal circumstances and what you are actually using your a6300 for. If you are using it exclusively for photography then chances are, there is no need to add a gimbal stabilizer to your collection of camera accessories. On the flip side of this though, if you are using your a6300 for its excellent videography and vlogging performance then a gimbal can be one of the best camera accessories that you are able to add to your collection to directly improve the image quality that you are able to capture.

Now, a decent gimbal stabilizer is actually a pretty expensive camera accessory so if you are just an entry-level videographer or vlogger, you can probably put off purchasing your gimbal for a while. That said though, if you have been working in the space for some time then you should probably look to add a decent gimbal for your a6300 ( to your camera accessories.

So what about the best DSLR gimbal. Some notable gimbals that are suitable include any of the stabilizers from the Zhiyun Weebill range, something like the Moza Aircross 2, or even a gimbal like the DJI Ronin SC. That said though, in our opinion at least, the Ronin SC is very overpriced for what you are actually getting for your money with the Zhiyun and Moza gimbals generally being the better, yet cheaper option.

That said though, many people choose to go with another gimbal stabilizer for their Sony a6300 other than either of the units suggested above. There are a decent number of products on the market right now that can easily support a small, lightweight mirrorless camera like the Sony a6300 with ease, even if you do use a long and heavy lens while recording too. If you do want to go with another gimbal then we would highly recommend that you check out this article ( going over what you should be looking for in a decent gimbal stabilizer for a mirrorless camera. I offer some solid advice with additional gimbal suggestions to try and help ensure that you get a good deal for yourself without getting ripped off.

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