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Shortcuts For WhatsApp Plus: Free WhatsApp Contacts Widget For iOS 8

whatsapp widget ios 8

Shortcuts for WhatsApp Plus is a useful, free WhatsApp widget for iOS 8. It shows you your personally selected set of contacts under Notifcation Center, so you can go directly to their message thread.

whatsapp widget ios 8

WhatsApp is notoriously slow at updating their apps. Maybe it is because of their smaller team, or maybe because they follow the philosophy of  “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – in any case, WhatsApp takes its time to adapt new platform features. Whether its Material Design on Android, or widgets / quick reply on iOS 8; WhatsApp will get them when the time is right.

Speaking of widgets… Over on Android, WhatsApp does come with a home-screen widget displaying the most recent messages. There does not exist any official WhatsApp widget for iOS 8, but a third-party developer by the name of Aplicativos Legais has come up with Shortcuts for WhatsApp Plus (I don’t understand the ‘Plus’ at the end).

Shortcuts for WhatsApp Plus, as the name suggests, adds shortcuts to your favorite, specified WhatsApp contacts in iOS 8 Notification Center. That’s really all it does.

shortcuts for whatsapp plus app

Once you install the app, you can select the contacts from the app itself. Unfortunately, you cannot add shortcuts to WhatsApp chat groups at the moment. Hopefully, the developer will update the app, and add this important feature.

Anyhow, Shortcuts for WhatsApp Plus will be useful for anyone who regularly uses WhatsApp, particularly with a select few people. It also helps if you don’t use other widgets, of course.

The latter reason is perhaps why I won’t be using this widget. I already use Swipes,, and Fantastical’s widgets for iOS 8 in my iPhone’s notification center. It is already quite crowded in there, so no new widget is going in there unless it brings in some revolutionary new feature I couldn’t live without before.

Shortcuts for WhatsApp Plus is available as a free download. Get it from the link below.

Download Shortcuts for WhatsApp Plus [App Store]

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