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Shiva Gifts to Give Mom For Mothers Day

Jewish family gathering

Celebrating shiva is a time for Jewish families to gather together for a week and mourn the loss of a loved one.

During this week, the family will literally sit together to provide comfort to one another during this painful period. It is really common to give shiva gifts during this time as well, such as food trays or boxes that provide a grazing snack for the family to eat during this period.

But shiva gifts don’t just have to be for the times in the morning. In fact, many of these types of trays or boxes can be given for other occasions as well, including Mother’s Day!

We all have a mom, and with Mother’s Day being the ultimate day to make her feel super special, sending a gift that is designed to bring comfort to the recipient is a great way to go.

Let’s be honest, our moms are not going to be around forever—even though they are basically superheroes! So we should make the most of every chance we get to let them know how much we care about them.

Luckily, shiva gifts are available online and can be used as Mother’s Day gift options as well. So your gesture can be organized from the comfort of your home and you can rest assured it will be delivered right to her door if you don’t physically live near her.

So what types of shiva gifts are good ones to give to your mom? We have gathered the top picks that we know moms out there will love.

1. The chocolate tray

It’s a fact—all moms love chocolate! Chocolate is a common shiva gift as this food is one of the ultimate comfort options out there. But it isn’t exclusive to these occasions. Why not get your mom a chocolate tray—whether it be bark, truffles or chocolate dipped pretzels—and remind her how truly sweet she really is!

2. The mixed chocolate and nuts box

Your mom is likely both sweet and stern—especially when you were growing up as a child. Getting a platter of mixed chocolates and nuts provides the ultimate sweet and savory combination and represents her well-rounded mothering skills that you are grateful for. These boxes are also great because they last for a long time and allow your mom to have a few handfuls for weeks to come!

3. The dried fruit combo

Fruit is another sweet option to consider sending your mom this Mother’s Day. But fresh fruit is hard to transport and ensure it keeps its quality and taste. So as a great alternative to this, dried fruit is preserved to ensure that it can make it cross-country with the same flavor and quality it left with. Plus, because it lasts for longer, your mom will be able to enjoy this gift for longer too.

4. The cookie combo

Chances are, you grew up getting to enjoy your mom’s baking. Baked goods like cookies not only provide comfort as shiva gifts but are also a sweet gesture to give back to your mom what she gave to you. But don’t worry if you’re not a great baker yourself, you can order a box of cookies for Mother’s Day that are guaranteed top quality and delicious!

Save time and send your mom a shiva gift for Mother’s Day. These gifts are designed to be comforting and show your love for them, and will make any mom feel lucky to be the recipient of one!

From chocolate to nuts, dried fruit, and cookies, you will have plenty of shiva gifts to choose from online And we are confident no matter what you pick it will be a huge hit with your mom!

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