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Sheriff Grady Judd Threatens to Arrest Tim Cook

Sheriff Grady Judd

Apple and the FBI are currently involved in an ongoing legal battle over unlocking a suspected terrorist’s iPhone. The FBI has asked Apple to provide an update for iOS that has weakened encryption so that the FBI could unlock the shooter’s iPhone. Apple has argued that it does not have a decryption key to unlock the iPhone’s passcode. For more information read our previous articles on this issue here.

It is also said that providing a weakened iOS software to FBI would affect the privacy of all iPhone users. Apple has also stated that the court lacks authority to ask Apple to follow such orders. Many rival tech companies and cryptographers are supporting the company on this matter.

Meanwhile Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has threatened to arrest Tim Cook, in a press conference that was published on Fox13. Grady Judd was talking about a murder case that had happened in his jurisdiction. The suspected murders had captured images of the victims on their smartphones, however, the suspects had later handed in the pass code to their phone to the authorities. While talking about the case in his jurisdiction Sheriff Grady Judd also happened to make a statement about the ongoing battle between FBI and Apple. He stated that he would put Tim Cook (CEO Apple) behind bars if something of the same sort had happened in his jurisdiction.

He had further added in his press conference that Apple CEO Tim cook should take into consideration that neither him nor anyone else is above the US law. Sheriff Grady Judd made a pretty bold and threatening statement in his press conference saying : “But believe you me, if I get a toehold in this county and I can get the state attorney’s office to prosecute, and a judge to back us up with it, I’ll lock the rascal up.”

Apple has not, as of yet, commented on the statement of Sheriff Grady Judd.   

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