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Sharp Launches First Complete IoT-Enabled Kitchen Set 

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Sharp Electronics Company of America (SHCA) recently unveiled its first-ever complete kitchen suite featuring cutting-edge IoT-enabled appliances. The kitchen suite — designed as a “seamless, full-kitchen solution for consumers” — includes two groundbreaking appliances the first of their kind: IoT-enabled SuperSteam wall ovens and microwave drawers. The set also offers induction cooktops, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. All appliances easily integrate into new or existing smart home systems.

IoT Oven And Induction Cooktop 

The IoT SuperSteam built-in oven has five useful settings for your meals, including steam, super steam grill, steam bake, super steam roast, and convection bake. The oven works with the SideChef app, which allows the user to browse recipes and automatically send instructions to the oven (it’s programmed with 12 preloaded Smart Cook settings and 39 settings in total). The induction cooktop can be installed above the oven. Induction stoves are faster and more efficient than gas or electric stoves. Sharp’s model features a kitchen timer, simmer enhancer, and power boost for when you need the job done fast.

Smart Microwave Drawer

Sharp’s 24-inch IoT microwave drawer is the first of its kind. It opens at the wave of a hand and has a concealed drop-down control panel. It’s operated via the SideChef app, which gives you greater control over cooking and reheating your food. You can select exact temperatures and control all settings via your smartphone. Although details precise details have yet to be announced, smart microwaves can typically identify exactly what you’re cooking and automatically select the correct settings.

Unparalleled Functionality And Style

Details of the microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators have yet to be announced, but in classic Sharp style, all the new pieces have black edge-to-edge glass and controls hidden behind a panel for a sleek, minimalist look. “We now are coming to market with not only an alternative to what’s out today but also with a ‘wow’ look and feel,” Peter Weedfald, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sharp says. “It’s all about our cosmetics, full edge-to-edge glass, European design, the sexiness and the ‘wow’ power of the look and feel — now connected with IoT — healthy cooking with superheated steam, and the entire suite. This is uniquely different than anything else that’s out on the market today”. Ultimately, the set aims to make it easy for modern families to cook healthy, great-tasting food while appealing their aesthetic sensibilities.

Sharp’s new IoT-enabled kitchen suite was recently unveiled at this year’s Nationwide Primetime Show in New Orleans, Louisiana. This exciting series is set to launch in 2020 with prices soon to be revealed.

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