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Seven Steps To Kickstart Your Career As A Receptionist


Starting your career or navigating it midway can get very overwhelming. It is only through the constant hunt and a subsequent process of trial and error can one finally find a job. Especially in this post-pandemic economy. Finding a job is more than just being at the right place at the right time. It is a holistic process that requires a lot of patience and research. You take your personality to the table. Thus, you need a lot of grooming as well. There are many ways you can learn how to qualify for a job. However, if you are new to a line of career, the sea of information can get intimidating at times. 

Receptionists are the face of office space. They form a link between an infrastructural presence and a human connection. They represent the ideas, values, and etiquettes of a particular space. That is why the role of reception is very integral in creating a brand image. They are the first person one meets when they work in the office space. They are the ones equipped with a lot of operational information. It is not an easy job but to shoulder important responsibilities is personal as well as professional growth. So, if you are looking for receptionist jobs in London, read on. This article breaks down the ways in which you can kickstart your career as a receptionist. 

Polish your language

People hear you and constantly form opinions about you. The command you have over your language is of utmost essential in this line of career. More than grammatical correctness, articulation matters here. The clarity with which you speak any given language will make it easier for people to understand you. Thus serving your purpose as a receptionist better. 

Focus on appearance

The first thing people notice about you is how you appear to them. It is not for nothing that people say the first impression is the last impression. Only as a receptionist, your appearance affects the impressions of your company. That is why you should put extra work into how you form your look every day. 

Start with internships

More than books, the best way to learn is by hands-on training. This will not only help you build confidence but also teach you important skills. You can use these skills later on to improve your work. The best thing about internships is that here you have the scope of learning everything from the scratch and also find out if this career is good for you. 

Build a strong resume

How your resume looks at a first glance sometimes has more effect than what is written with it. Especially when you are trying to become a receptionist, your organizational skills are significant. This is something people look for in their receptions. That is why make a neat and clean resume, provide only the information that is needed, and be direct and crisp with your message. 

Upload your resume on job portals

There are various job portals that connect employees with employers. This common platform helps job seekers to find the best match for themselves. Upload your resume on a verified job portal and get alerts every time an employer looks for someone in a similar role. 

Polish your soft skills

Your soft skills such as responsibility sense, punctuality, etc play a very important role in getting you a good job. Your hard skills are what helps you stand out in a crowd but soft skills build foundations of long-lasting networks. Your overall working energy constantly radiates your soft skills in subtle ways.  Hirers never fail to notice these things from the moment you walk into the interview room. 

Multitasking skills

As a receptionist, you manage many things at the same time. Thus, you should train yourself in multitasking. This will help you take up all the challenges that come your way and manage them with panache. Once you achieve this quality, you’re ready to become a receptionist – the best one at that. 

So, now that you know how you can prepare yourself for a career as a receptionist, go ahead and prepare yourself with it. The most important characteristics of a receptionist are courtesy and a smile. Always remember to be polite and encourage the curiosity of guests. You will directly benefit from the growth of the company and get noticed by your seniors.

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