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SEO Tips For Your Car Rental Service Website

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SEO is an essential element for any business, irrespective of the field of business you are in. SEO is useful for generating leads, improving your online presence, and attracting more visitors to your site and converting them into customers. Below, we are sharing best practices and specific tips on how the business department and marketing department within your company can boost your car rental website SEO.

The Business Department Can Enhance Your Website SEO By Doing The Following:

  • Enhancing the content on your site by doing a good write-up for your about us page so that your customers can relate to your company.
  • Make sure that the correct contact information for the business is prominently displayed on the homepage as well as the landing pages for your website.
  • For airport locations: make sure you include the airport name, nicknames, alternative names, and three-letter airport code.
  • It helps to list a few attractions, destinations, and fun activities in the vicinity in a small paragraph to help advertise the location.
  • Include a list of annual events in your area where individuals typically need to travel to and from elsewhere, to help boost searchability and relatability on Google’s search engine.
  • Share clear directions for passengers to know what to do and how to get to your facility to rent a car.
  • Make sure your location is clearly visible on Google maps and always check that your address is correct.
  • Make sure you have your phone number, physical address and email address is displayed on a dedicated contact page. It helps to have your contact details displayed in a place where it is easily found, usually the footer or header of the website.  You can also look at if you prefer that a professional take care of your website SEO for you.
  • Make sure your trading hours are listed. Most travel happens over the holidays, therefore if you are closed during certain holidays or have adjusted hours, be sure to share this information.
  • If you allow after-hours pick-up or drop-offs, be sure to state this on your site with instructions on what clients must do when dropping off or collecting a rental vehicle after hours.
  • Enhance your customer’s online experience by having an FAQ section.
  • Look at competitor websites to see what they are doing and draw some inspiration from their sites as to how you can improve your own.

The Marketing Department Can Help Boost Your Website SEO By Doing The Following:

  • The marketing department must draft a budget and assess the best method of allocated the available funds appropriately in Google Ads.
  • Online PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, for example, Google AdWords.
  • Work on continuously finding new and relevant keywords, look at competitor names, and finding fresh ideas for PPC.
  • They must make sure the company is registered under the main map providers and the business is categorized as a rental car agency with all the right contact information displayed.

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