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SEO Power Tips To Succeed This Year

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Achieving a higher search engine ranking is the ultimate goal of anyone who wants their website to be seen by more people. The first step in gaining more visitors is getting your website in front of the eyes of those looking for it.

As this year is still in its beginning stages, it’s helpful to take a leap on a more positive note with all the tips you can gather for a better business year. Whether you’re a big business or one that’s just starting out, SEO is still one of the most effective means to be competitive. Certainly, you don’t just start a business without the intention to succeed, particularly when you’ve spent for its capital.

If you want to be ahead of the competition, then read on for some of the best SEO power tips for 2021.

1. Relaunch Your Top Content

You may have known by now that content is key when it comes to marketing. When you’ve been running your website for quite some time now, there is certain content that may have already gone old. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re no longer relevant or reputable.

To avoid any of your content ever going stale, this year is a very good time for you to relaunch some of them. Take the time to go back to everything you’ve posted on your website in the last five to ten years. Rank your content based on its Webris SEO report, for instance, and then relaunch those that were the most popular.

Apart from simply reposting or re-launching your old content, you can also re-post these, but with updated links. That way, you’re able to link to newer sites or to more relevant resources to still keep your content up-to-date. This can help increase traffic going to your site as it shows new followers that you’ve long been considered as an authority in your niche.

2. Focus On Page Experience Optimization

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In 2021, Google introduced what’s known as Core Web Vitals. This has only highlighted even more the need to prioritize and not turn a blind eye to experience metrics. Hence, for this year, another power tip for you to succeed is to focus on web page optimization. This means ensuring that your website is easy to use by visitors and meets their needs, too.

Here are some factors to check to ensure that your website’s page has optimized user experience:

  • The safety and security of everyone browsing your website
  • The page loading speed
  • The website is optimized even for mobile viewing

3. Increase Internal Linking

For this year, websites will also have to increase internal linking. That way, you can bring more prospective clients to your site.

By internal linking, refers to all the links you place in your content. Your outlook for this year should be to look at those other authority sites within your niche as websites you can link to, rather than as competition.

The more that you link to other authority sites, the higher the chances of these websites to link back to you. This, therefore, brings more traffic to your site as you’re able to build your credibility with your new prospective clients.

4. Use More Headers

Using more headers applies not just to your content itself, but also to the overall design of your website. If you haven’t been the type to use tabs and headers to organize multiple information on your website, then, this year, you should.

Headers and tabs are very powerful. Not only do they keep your content and your website well-organized, but they’re also a sneaky way for you to place keywords.

For example, you can use your headers to hold the keywords on the topic you’re posting about or the products you’re selling. Doing this can make it easier for your website’s crawlers to have something to read through as they skim your website. Because these keywords are strategically placed on the headers, this gives you more opportunity to rank higher in the top pages whenever a search on your niche is made.

5. Tap The Power Of Social Media

If you don’t have social media accounts yet, then you should definitely get one set up now. Social media will still be one of the greatest places to advertise your website and, subsequently, your business, and spread the word about what you’re offering.

Along this line, if you’ve previously focused your social media campaigns only on Facebook and Instagram, it’s about time for you to utilize YouTube as well. If you go around YouTube, you’ll find that there’s an influx of businesses and influencers using the platform. This is because YouTube is a very good marketing form now that videos are gaining more popularity.

Finally, don’t forget to link your website or your blog to your social media accounts. Whenever you’ve got new posts or new items up for sale, synchronize a post as well on your social media accounts. That way, your social media followers can also be updated whenever there’s something new on your website. This can increase the traffic coming into your site.

6. Be The Last Click

For 2021, it’s not just enough to just have a strong influx of followers or visitors to your site all the time. Remember that the journey doesn’t just end there. Not all of the traffic coming to your website will turn out to be customers. The worst that could actually happen is that some of these may only use your site as a middle ground, off to find a better one instead.

For this year, you should endeavor for your site to be the last click of your customers. This means that on your site, they find all the answers to their questions and whatever products they’re looking for.


When you’ve been running a website for a while now, you’d know for a fact that Google loves to update its algorithms regularly, hence, the need for you to also update your knowledge on SEO. Technological changes are so fast-paced, that there may be some trends effective in 2020 that’ll no longer apply for this year. Then, there are also those techniques that are a constant. These power tips can give you a boost on a strong start for your business year this time around. Especially if you’ve suffered like the rest of the economy last year, who knows?  This year might just be your great comeback.

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