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SEO Benefits That Marketers Can Derive By Repurposing Content

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Content is one of the biggest assets of SEO marketers who must try to leverage it to the maximum not only the first time but also by using it later.  A lot of effort and investment goes into creating unique and new content that is also innovative and compelling and above all original, and the Brooklyn SEO experts must try to extract as much juice as possible from it. It is quite challenging to create quality content consistently with these attributes because creativity and innovativeness can sometimes ebb and put a lot of stress on the content pipeline.  Even if ideas keep flowing, resources might be lacking to convert it into reality.

Many people believe that more content could solve your traffic woes, but the task of creating new content each day can prove to be too stressful. Instead, a better way to maintain a consistent flow of quality content that bears the marks of your creative skills is to repurpose old content that gives you an edge in getting the most value for money. The idea of repurposing content might not appear as flashy as presenting new content, but it is highly economical and effective.

The Concept Of Repurposing Content

As the name implies, you can choose the content that you have already created and used for some purpose and make it fit for use for another purpose.  It consists of transforming a piece of content by giving it a new format. For example, you may have a long blog post that you can convert into a podcast series to present it as fresh content with completely new looks that serves a different purpose than the original content. Similarly, you can use the content of an e-book and present it is a new format by using infographics. The exercise is similar to giving a new body to the soul, something akin to re-birth.

Repurposing content aims to allow the audience to consume the same content in a different way that helps to extract more juice from it. By changing the method of presentation, you add a new flavor to the content, which is as good as any original content as it remains unique. Moreover, you can target a completely new section of the audience with repurposed content. Suppose you have a blog post of cooking tips for Mediterranean food, you can restructure it to make it applicable for mother genres of culinary like Italian food.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to content creation and curation comes with many benefits as you will discover on going through this article.

Optimal Use Of Time And Effort

Coming up with new ideas for content needs a lot of effort and time that can be quite stressful at times, and you can save it all by repurposing content. Since you have already created the content and even published it, getting under its skin and giving it a makeover to look like new content without losing its veracity would require much less effort and time. Moreover, you must pick tested topics that had struck a chord with the audience because it ensures guaranteed attraction, and it becomes easy to gain traction with the repurposed content. As the process cuts short several brain-storming sessions to capture new ideas, you save time and have ready content to reap dividends from. All that you have to do is to concentrate on creating high-quality content from the already tested stuff.

Reach Far And Wide

As your audience keeps growing and you use various channels to keep in touch with them, some good content might escape the attention of many people. Some of them might not be aware of the e-book that you had published more than a year ago.  Refreshing the old content allows you to share the information not only with those who had not seen it earlier but also to those who had consumed it earlier but feels as if consuming something new once again. It also helps to capitalize on the different preferences and learning styles of the audience. Presenting text content as video content is an example of catering to the likes of the audience.

SEO Betterment

The best value that you derive by repurposing content is the attraction of search engines by posting valuable and meaningful content to the audience. You can use the same keyword again and again without worrying about duplication. Publishing high-quality content consistently around a fixed topic helps you to earn the reputation of an expert in your industry. All of these add to high visibility as well as improved search rankings. By choosing a blog post that already ranked well in some search results, you can present the same content in a different format by creating new content in SlideShare. It opens the doors for reaching out to the new audience that also enhances the possibilities of sharing. In the process of gaining higher visibility, you also stand to gain from acquiring new links that boost your SEO prospects further.

Enhanced Online Presence And Brand Reputation

As the content gains traction and more visibility, it is natural that the brand also gets its share of notice from the audience both old and new that helps to build a powerful online presence very quickly.  Repurposing content helps to establish your expertise on the subject matter, which in turn boosts your online authority that helps in better SEO performance. As you project yourself as an authority, it strengthens your credibility and brand reputation.

Repurposed content allows you to reach buyers at various stages in the journey. Awareness, consideration, and decision are the stages that buyers go through, and their expectations and preferences vary at each stage. The kind of content that someone in the awareness stage would like to read will be different from what someone in the decision stage would prefer.

You can cater to the exact needs of buyers by altering the format of the content that makes it most suitable for the purpose.

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