SEO and Blogging: Things that You Should Definitely Know

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According to, 53% of marketers have stated that blogging is their topmost priority of content marketing. Blogging is considered to be the central component in order to get a successful search ranking and it is also an important strategy of content marketing. However, proper planning is definitely required in order to reap the maximum benefits. If your 2019 goals include growing the organic reach, you need to educate yourself about blogging so that you can gain the maximum benefits.

Understanding the blogging goals

It is not enough to reveal that you are looking forward to gaining organic traffic when you are setting up the blogging strategy. You have to take time in order to consider the things that you are looking forward to from the organic traffic before you are beginning. Understand if you want:

  • More sign-ups to the email list.
  • More targeted traffic for retargeting the campaigns.
  • Sales from the current customers.

As soon as you have decided about the types of results that you want from the organic traffic, you have the option of planning the content schedule accordingly. Ensure that you are aiming for consistent and regular posts, which are going to fit the capacity of content creation, which you already have. Your main aim should be developing the regular schedules of blog production, which the audience can easily rely on. Moreover, fresh content is known to help greatly with organic ranks, and hence, you are going to give the SEO also a proper boost.

Tips that you need to follow for researching about your blog topic

An ideal manner of ensuring consistency is finding topics on which you can write before you are sitting down to work on your blank screen. Given below is a list of the tips that you need to understand before you start brainstorming the topics, which will help in bringing relevant traffic.

Digging into Facebook as well as the LinkedIn groups

Ensure that you are finding relevant groups and also make sure that you are joining them. Use the search option in order to understand the types of questions that are repeated constantly. Consider if you have any way of addressing all these challenges with the help of your blog post or maybe through a series of interesting blog posts.

Using content research tools

Certain tools can help in finding out about the types of contents, which are trending, especially for the keywords that you are searching for. You can make use of this information in order to locate ways for improving what is out there and addressing the gaps in the topics that have been covered already.

Check the review sites for the common themes

Certain reputed sites are responsible for offering deep insights into the types of concerns, which the customers have, for the service based businesses. Go through the reviews that your competitors receive and compare it with the reviews that you have received. You can consider the topics that you can cover in order to help the customers feel relaxed and comfortable about purchasing your services and products.

Check the help desk

It is obvious that you are going to get at least 5 or 10 topics, which are going to come over for the support team. Understand if you can turn these questions or common issues into blog posts, which are responsible for offering fast solutions. This is one of the best options because the current customers can be looking for answers to the queries that they have.

Get local

Local SEO does not need to come with the semantic markup for the different locations. Consider if there are certain local events that you are supporting, conventions that you are planning to attend, or seminars that you will be hosting in the near future. They can make ideal topics for your blogs, which are also going to rank extremely well for the local search.

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Multimedia blog content

Creating multimedia content for supplementing the blog posts is known to offer a huge potential for engagement along with opportunities for inbound traffic and on-page optimization. Given below is a list of the multimedia contents that you can consider.

Video: Hosting videos on certain reputed sites need to be optimized for drawing in additional traffic.

Audio: Voice posts or podcasts can help in providing access to those who are visually impaired. Moreover, podcasts can also be used as the inbound channels for bringing traffic to the site.

Images: Captions and alt texts are responsible for providing an additional opportunity for the on-page search engine optimization. Entertaining and informative imagery helps in driving engagement.

Slides: Whether you are creating a new slide or you are repurposing slides, you need to know that slides can help your customers to understand the topics that are complex, and also enables them to gain further insight.

Giving a push after publishing the posts

As soon as the blogs have been published, the promotion step is important, which ensures that you are going to get traffic to your site before the pages have been indexed. It is true that you are going to promote your blogs on social media, however, ensure that you are not stopping there. Think of the creative manners in which you can get the content in front of the audience. You can also make use of paid services for promoting your content.

Blog optimization

As you see that the efforts behind your blog posts start to take a shape, you cannot forget to assess the regular performance as to which blog posts are performing in a great manner and are bringing in traffic as well as revenue. Keep a check on the types of topics, which are responsible for engaging your audience. This is going to help you understand if you need to improve or you need to maintain the consistency of your blog posts.


You should never be afraid to test the different kinds of topics as well as promotion techniques in order to ensure that your blog is gaining recognition from your target customers. It is crucial that you understand as to what is working in the appropriate manner for you. As soon as you discover a formula that is working in the best possible manner for you, you can be assured that you will be able to drive organic traffic easily.

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