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Senior Tech Set to Boom in 2018

Senior Tech

Senior Tech

As birth rates fall and healthcare improves, societies around the globe are seeing an increasing proportion of older citizens. With this comes a change in how seniors perceive themselves and how they are treated by society. Citizens, who are now claiming their pension at the age of 65, still feel like they have at least another 20 years. According to CBI Insights, this has led to an increasing number of tech startups focusing on the senior tech market. Here’s why 2018 could be a big year for targeted senior tech.

Senior Population Trends

In real terms, America’s over 65 population is expected to more than double by 2060, from 46 million 98 million. More importantly, however, they will make up 24% of the population, up from around 15% today. As a larger minority, business and society alike will pay more attention to their demands.

This trend has already started, with plenty of technology aimed at seniors. A bigger market means more people to sell to. However, it is not just the size of the senior market which is changing, but the nature of it as well.

Changing Demands

Not only is the senior population increasing, its attitudes are shifting as well. Those over 65 are generally in good health and are still mentally and physically active. Baby boomers crave new activities and are less likely to reject technological advancements in the way previous generations have.

Furthermore, those with mobility concerns are less willing to view themselves as patients. They do not view technology as a medical aid. Instead, they consider tech to be a part of their regular life.

What Tech Can We Expect to See?

The three main areas of tech advancement this year are expected to be fall prevention, mobility, and communication. Sensors in shoes, carpets and wearable accessories can alert medical staff if a fall is likely so that carers can prevent an accident.

Transportation is also likely to become more responsive to the needs of the elderly and disabled. Finally, seniors will be more likely than ever to own a smartphone as their usage becomes increasingly intuitive. New apps are being developed with ease of use in mind, avoiding the complicated texting process of the past.

2018 could see significant progress in tech aimed at seniors. With a greater number of them, the market will respond to their demands for better technology. Smartphones and messaging apps will make communication easier for over 65s, while fall prevention technology could save lives.

Author: Sally Phillips
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