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Selling Your House During The Pandemic – The Essential Steps To Follow

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The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every industrial sector! Americans and others who thought of investing in a home are withdrawing their requests and postponing their buying decisions. If you thought to sell my house fast recently remember that the pandemic outbreak has changed the way people will be buying and selling real estate properties.

Every buyer wants to ensure that they walk into a secure house, where there are no chances of virus contamination. We buy houses to stay well and remain safe. The same is true for mobile homes like those found at

Are you planning to sell your home on your own in this pandemic market? If yes, you need to implement smart strategies to find the correct buyers.

1. Leave out the open houses

With an open house, the probable buyers get a chance to walk around the property without pressure to make an offer from the real estate agent. It is a smart marketing strategy, but might not work correctly, during the pandemic. Hence, it is necessary to stay safe and skip open houses and choose other viewing options.

2. Set-up showing kits

If you want to reside in your home, as you stage it, make sure to create a “showing kit.” Either your listing agent or you can create it, as it will help reduce the virus exposure risk during the home showing process. The kits should comprise shoe bootie covers, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, and masks for the potential buyers and real estate agents while visiting the house.

3. Make sure to disinfect before and after

You might take all the precautions, but still, the chances of getting infected are present. Hence, it is essential to disinfect the house both before and after the house showing process. You need to concentrate on cleaning the areas of high contact such as drawer pulls, doorknobs, faucets, countertops, and light switches.

4. Choose virtual showings

You need professional quality images and videos to attract potential buyers! However, currently, the tech-savvy real estate agents carry out real-time virtual showings that sync with the social distancing norm. The buyers can use their tablet devices or laptop to view a property. They can ask the necessary questions and decide whether or not to invest in real estate property.

5. You shouldn’t accompany the home inspector

Once you have accepted an offer, chances are a professional home inspector will inspect the home thoroughly to create a report for the buyer’s mortgage organization. Generally, the home sellers accompany the home inspector to address any critical queries and identify various details. However, in this pandemic situation, it is necessary to maintain social distancing norms. That means sellers shouldn’t tag along with the home inspector until it is essential. You can share the required data about the HVAC or other electrical appliances by email or by leaving a note.

A real estate closing requires the signing of various documents. The cash gets divided between the real estate agents and sellers involved, along with an appraiser or a home inspector. Currently, the closing companies are restricting in-person contact making use of software that enables online closings. Remote closings and the strategies mentioned above are the ways to sell a house in this pandemic market.

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