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Selling An Old Car: How To Score A Good Deal In The Netherlands

Used cars

Sooner or later there comes the time when you feel that you need to get a new car – a bigger one, a fancier one, or the electric vehicle, as the trend goes globally. But to do it, you need to sell your old car, and that’s where problems may begin.

Where to sell it? How to sell it? Do you need to get your old car through Algemene Periodieke Keuring or is it not obligatory? How to get a decent price, after all? To help you get through the process with ease and confidence, we offer several key answers to your questions and tips on selling your old car successfully.

Car Dealers

Going to a local used cars dealer is the simplest solution. Dealers abound on the map and they buy your car outright. No excessive questions, no requirement of APK or fixing the flaws, they will take any car. The only drawback is that the price may be disappointing, the lowest threshold on the market for cars with a similar degree of wear. On the upside, at the dealer’s place, you can trade your old car for another one, if you find an option that satisfies you.

Online Auction Sites

Online selling platforms like Marktplaats have become a fixture for almost every need you may have. Put an item for sale and wait for the best offer (or browse through the items on the sale and place your bid).

The good thing is that only you can decide if you will sell a car at the offered price. If you don’t like it, you wait for a better offer. However, it does not mean that you will sell your car fast, and you will have to act as a professional seller. Buyers may want to ask many questions and may want a test drive. You will have to accommodate those requests and spend lots of time answering questions and meeting people for a drive.

Car-Buying Sites

These sites focus on trading in cars only and combine good aspects of sales to dealers and auctions while eliminating some of the drawbacks. You don’t have to go to a dealer in person or upload tons of pictures and descriptions. You visit the site, enter the details of your auto, degree of wear, and see the quote. Usually, it is the average price across the market, not the lowest one.

Sites differ in their approach. Some may send out an expert for valuation, some require an inspection of a car prior to making a bid. Others don’t require this kind of proof and conduct all operations online. It depends on what site you pick.

The best thing is that such sites do all the required paperwork for you, and you don’t worry about this matter. So, if you google auto verkopen zonder keuring, car-dealing sites like are your go-to choice.

Individual Buyers

Individual buyers may buy your car at the auctions, but you may also find a buyer through your friends or family. The biggest drawback is that you have to take a lot of steps to prepare the car for sales. The car should be clean, repaired, and have all documents and manuals. Private buyers usually want to see the results of Algemene Periodieke Keuring, which automatically makes you repair the car first and invest lots of money in it. The point is individual buyers often skip the car ads if they state that no APK was performed. So if your aim is to sell a car without inspection, selling to individuals is the last thing to try.

Take care of yourself and your car and make a good sale! All required tools are at your disposal.

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