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Selfie App: Takes Photo When You Open MacBook Lid

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Selfie App is a new app for Mac OS X that automatically takes a photo using the front-facing FaceTime camera to assist in creating selfie timelapses, and for capturing sneaky users.
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The act of taking your own photograph has existed ever since the creation of cameras themselves, but it is only recently that said act has become a huge, socio-cultural trend under the name of “selfies”. The attraction of selfies comes from their up-close and personal nature, often resulting in fun, casual photos. This is particularly true for group selfies or ‘groupfies’ / ‘groupies’ as they are often called.

Another excellent use of selfies is using them to create timelapses which capture how you and your surroundings change over a period of time. One good example is this video embedded below:


You can already take simple selfies using the built-in Photo Booth app in OS X, but it requires manual intervention. If you wish to create timelapses, and want to automate the process of taking selfies regularly, we genuinely think ‘Selfie App’ for Mac is the way to go.

Developed by Grzegorz Aksamit, Selfie App takes a photo using the front-facing FaceTime / selfie camera every time you open up your MacBook’s lid. It of course also works on iMacs as well, after you wake up your computer from sleep.

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But that’s not the only use case for this useful little app. Selfie App is also great for capturing hard evidence of people snooping around your Mac. So, if you have a brother or room-mate who sneakily uses your Mac without your permission, you can catch them with Selfie App.

Last but not least, since you can choose the destination folder, you can sync the selfies over Dropbox so you can edit them on other devices.

Selfie App is available for $2.99 at the time of writing. Its regular price is $4.99. If you like the idea, consider buying it now!

Download Selfie App for OS X [App Store]

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