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Self-Defense Tips To Protect Your Small Business From Burglars

Self Defense


Despite making the best efforts to save themselves, business owners tend to struggle to prevent their organization from coming under attack. According to a report, almost 600,000 trading firms were attacked throughout the year of 2019.

So, how are you going to save yourself and your business from burglary?

Well, there are some actions that you can take all by yourself to protect your shop against thieving and larceny. Here’s what you need to know about them.

How To Defend Your Business Against Burglars? 

To protect themselves against robbers, many people tend to use an 80 lower frame-based firearm. However, in our opinion, you shouldn’t rely upon only one prospect when it comes to defending your shop. You should fortify your defense ecosystem even more if possible. Hopefully, the following tips can help you out.

Opt For An Alarm System 

Installing an alarm system is probably the safest way to protect your business from vandalism, burglary, and theft.


Well, to begin with, it can help you keep an eye on both internal and external threats properly. Whenever it or you see something suspicious, you can use the model to let the authorities know about the whole situation.

Alarm systems, in essence, are pretty affordable. You can also customize them and control them, even from a remote location. Just make sure to connect your smartphone with them.

Use CCTV Cameras 

If you’ve got a sizeable physical shop, it’ll be almost impossible for you to keep an eye on every corner of it. Due to this reason, many businesses have already begun installing surveillance cameras in their business shop.

The presence of CCTV cameras can discourage thieves, improve employee productivity, and protect your business even during non-operating hours.

Besides, some of the advanced models can also store footage during active hours. Hence, even if something gets stolen from your shop, you can always find the person behind it.

Conceal Your Wiring Ecosystem 

Most burglars tend to find and cut the wires to disable your security system before breaking and entering. Thus, make sure to conceal all of your external wiring system (security, electrical, telephone, cable, etc.) within the building walls.

This way, the task of cutting wires and incapacitating your security will become nearly impossible. You can do it while installing your security infrastructure or repairing your shop interior to minimize damage and other related issues.

Keep Your Valuable At A Secured Place 

Does your business keep cash on hand overnight? Or, do you have a highly-valued inventory of some kind? No matter what your cause is, make sure to keep all of your valuables at a secured place, such as a lockbox.

However, if the item is too precious, we’d ask you to store it somewhere with an added layer of protection.

Closed-Door Policies For Warehouses 

Keeping the door of your warehouse left unattended, even during the daytime, can seem like an invitation for potential burglars. This way, they can map out the whole room correctly, identify viable targets, and analyze the escape route efficiently.

Thus, if you want to counter this situation efficiently, make sure to maintain a closed-door policy for your warehouse. You can also add a layer or two of security systems (CCTV camera or an alarm) to bolster its safety even more.

Use Locks 

Although it’s pretty traditional, the conventional locking system still works pretty well when it comes to security. Make sure to tag a lock on each and every door in your store. You can always use the customary models for your purpose.

Nonetheless, if you have an adequate amount of budget, you may also use an electronic locking system. It’s much more efficient than its traditional counterpart and, therefore, can prevent even a well-planned burglary successfully.

The Bottom Line

Aside from all these, we will also ask you to improve the lighting system surrounding your shop. For example, adding a motion-detecting light system can help you deter burglars by following their steps all around.

Also, installing a light in the shady or dark areas outside your shop will make it get rid of the hiding places properly.

It sounds like an ideal scenario, doesn’t it? We bet it does!

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